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Dress trends: The most beautiful clothes from H&M for the summer

We can’t get enough beautiful clothes this summer! Here we have put together the five most beautiful dresses from H&M for you. 

Are you still looking for a dress to be your favorite piece of summer? Don’t worry, we looked around at H&M and found a beautiful dress for each of us.

Here come our favorite models from H&M! 

Our jeans, thick sweaters, and coats need a hibernation first. After all the gray days this year, we are all happier when we can present the most beautiful summer clothes trends in the sunshine. But what clothes are we wearing this summer? Which are in? Are there certain cuts and colors that we should be aware of in clothing trends this summer? 

Clothing trends at H&M

Dress trend: chiffon dresses

Chiffon dresses are perfect for summer. The fine fabric, which is quite transparent, consists of artificial or natural silk. The clothes usually have several layers that are very slightly on top of each other. The beautiful flounces that result from this flutter perfectly in the wind!

Dress trend: shirt dresses

Short t-shirt dresses are in every year! These dresses can be combined with anything and just look great. Only the length of the dress can vary. T-shirt dresses usually have a rounded hem and an elongated back. We wear our shirt dress with either a denim or leather jacket!

Portrait of young beautiful smiling girl in trendy summer light pink dress. sexy carefree woman posing. positive model having fun. dancing in round sunglasses

Dress trend: crinkled cotton dresses

There is probably no dress that fits our body so airily and loosely as a crinkled cotton dress. The dress has a wide waist and a straight A-line. The gathered part seam provides additional volume on the undergarment. These dresses are perfect for beach days!

Dress trend: V-neck

Dresses with a V-neck conjure up a beautiful cleavage. The shiny woven fabric is even more beautiful about this A-line dress. These dresses are often cut a little shorter, but the sleeves are longer so that you don’t feel half-dressed. The delicate pink suits every complexion and conjures up a real summer feeling! 

Dress trend: blazer dress

Blazer dresses are pretty trendy this summer. Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s wife, very often wears blazer dresses like this. No wonder, because the clothes look very elegant and can be worn both in the office and at a party. Blazer dresses are combined either with loafers, ballerinas, pumps, or sneakers – you decide what you like!

Which dress length suits me best?

Depending on how you’re feeling, the length of your dress can vary. No length can be specified for every woman. Just have a look at which dress’s length suits you best. You have to feel comfortable. The only thing you should be aware of would be the length of your clothes for special occasions. If you want to wear a dress in the office, it shouldn’t be too short. 

Is there a perfect dress length?

Yes and no, if we go by the so-called “golden ratio” by Leonardo da Vinci, women should take a particularly close look at their figure to find out which dress lengths suit them particularly well. 

The general formula for a perfect dress is: 

If a woman has a lush cleavage and a larger bottom, gimmicks such as flounces and frills should be avoided. Women with this figure type are referred to as “X”. To visually narrow the figure, plain colors should be used. Wild prints can also be applied.

Women who are built narrow at the top and have wide hips are called figure type “A”. The body is narrow from the top and wider at the bottom. Dresses with the A-line are particularly suitable for these figure types. The wide flared skirt hides the hips and thighs. The narrow waist emphasizes the feminine silhouette and makes the upper body appear narrower. 

Women who have broad shoulders and narrow legs are called figure type V. Wrap dresses look particularly good on these figure types, as the focus is on the long legs. The upper body is emphasized by a beautiful cleavage. Dresses with the empire line are therefore ideally suited. The waist is slipped directly under the chest, the skirt of the dress begins directly on the upper body. So the legs look much longer under the dress! 

Which shoes go well with the summer dress?

All shoes go well with summer dresses! We like to combine comfortable shoes with a dress because they can be used for longer when we are on the go. All sneakers match the dress. Ballerinas, pumps, or loafers make the look even more elegant. You can create a sporty look with sneakers.

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