Discretion and Convenience Together

An Unexpected and Desirable Modern Age

Maybe you’re not in your thirties, maybe you just turned 21. If that’s the case, you were born after the year 2000, and there are some things you should know. First, the year 2000 was looked at in awe by billions around the world over for many decades, and even centuries. Being a round number indicating two millennia, the year 2000 had a certain mystique about it.

That’s why Prince wrote the famous song “Party Like It’s 1999”. People figured the world might end. The same thinking defined the Y2K panic at the end of the nineties. Everyone thought in the twenty-first century we’d either be in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, or cruising around in flying cars like The Jetsons.

So what actually happened? Well, reality. And the reality is, we have neither post-apocalyptic dystopia nor utopian technological extravagance. What we have is the internet, people working from home, faster cars, optimized economic infrastructure, infinite food delivery, and a change in focus regarding what socially acceptable norms define society.

Cheech Marin and Thomas Chong always believed cannabis would be made recreationally legal in the United States. When was another question. By 2013 in Colorado, recreational cannabis became legal. Now, internet technology and streamlined digital economic infrastructure have made legal, convenient, discrete delivery possible.


How it Works

If you’ve ever wanted a little cannabis, but were not interested in conquering traffic to get it, delivery options make the process easier. Essentially, you explore which shops you prefer, select the sort of product you’re interested in, input your address, and have your ID ready at the door. Different Van Nuys marijuana delivery services will have different requirements here.

Essentially, though, if you’re over 21, have a legitimate address, and you’ve got the cash, you can have your favorite buds delivered right to your front door. There is a gratuity involved; how you handle that is up to you. The point is, you’ll likely pay slightly more for delivery than you would to stand in line and pick up the product yourself.

That said, who wants to stand in line for a half hour, or sit in a waiting room while a bunch of people that are entirely new to recreational cannabis ask every possible question they can think of? With delivery, you just get the cannabis you like shipped to your home when you want it; mission accomplished.

Not only do you avoid the line, you avoid traffic, and you don’t have to be seen at any cannabis shop making a purchase. Also, with services like Doordash and UberEats, even nosy neighbors don’t know for sure what you’re having delivered to your property.


Cannabis Delivery As You Like It

Nobody expected the modern world to incorporate endless food delivery and legalized recreational cannabis. We expected flying cars and moon bases. Still, the modern age we are in does have conveniences, and you can responsibly enjoy cannabis that is discreetly delivered to your front door. If you haven’t explored this modern option, you might want to.

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