Discover the Best Window Treatments to Add Layer to Your Room

There is a plethora of window treatment types available in the marketplace. But when it comes to added privacy, there are limited options available. Privacy is one of the key considerations when choosing the best window treatments for your room. Roller shades for bedroom windows in Malibu is one such great option to add privacy. Let’s uncover all major window treatment options for added privacy. 

  • Custom cordless Roller shades– Roller shades are highly appreciated by the homeowners, not just because it offers clean appearance, premium style, and versatility, but also add privacy to your bedroom. They are a sturdy and nice form of window treatment that comes in various colors, fabrics, and designs. You can choose from a wide range of fabrics, whether it is solar, blackout, natural woven fabrics, and room darkening. Roller shades can easily block the UV rays to add privacy to your place. The cordless roller shades smoothly glide ups and down when you pull the shades or fabric. Another best thing about the roller shades is they take up very little space above the window. Roller shades are available in materials that are resistant to water.
  • Cordless cellular shades– It is one of the best ways to add privacy to your room. It works great when it comes to trapping the air and keeps the room cool. It also acts as a great insulator in winters, saving money on energy consumption. This cordless system offers a fresh look by eliminating the need for cords. Installation is easy and quick. Nevertheless, it is advised to work with professionals to install the cordless cellular shades.
  • Adjustable sliding panels– These are ideal options when it comes to covering the large area, adding privacy and beauty to your bedroom. Adjustable sliding panels are available in a range of fabrics and natural woven materials. Plus, they are stylish and cost-effective window treatment solutions.
  • Blackout roman shades– Roman shades come with two styles teardrop styles and flat drop. Flat drop roman shades are made of continuous piece fabrics. However, the teardrop style roman shades are made of cascading folds that ripple down the window and create a timeless and classic appearance. These blackout roman shades completely stop the outside light from entering the room.
  • Plantation shutters– It is another great option when it comes to adding privacy to the bedrooms. Plantation shutters have the capabilities to shut the windows and give total light control completely. To let light in, you will have to tilt the louvers. Interior shutters or plantation shutters also work with non-rectangular windows as it can be easily customized to fit any shape and size windows. Also, they are perfect for the bathrooms as they are moisture-resistant.


Whether it is roman shades or shades roller window treatments in Malibu, every window treatment type adds some privacy. It depends on you how much privacy you require. Interior designers can help you figure out the right window treatment type that offers the needed privacy. Hence, it is highly recommended to work with professional interior designers who are holding elongated experience of working with different clients.

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