Discover the Best Fabrics Options for Custom Draperies

While visiting any luxury hotel or well-furnished home, your eyes may linger on the draperies out there. Everyone pays attention while choosing fabrics for the draperies as they are considered the richest fabric in the room. It is a costly investment, so the decision to choose the custom window drapery treatments in Calabasas must be taken with extreme deliberation.

Why does fabric matter for the drapery?

The fabrics you always choose greatly influence the overall home décor, along with drapery’s pleat style and embellishments. Also, the best fabrics will nicely hold up to wear and tear. The fabric must be durable for the drapery, especially if you consider the home.

Top fabric options available for the drapery

  • Linen– Draperies are always heavier than the curtains because of their fabric. Linen is considered one of the best fabric options for draperies as it is heavier and offers durability. Linen is a natural fiber. It has a billowy look that helps create an airy, casual, and relaxed environment. If you love drapery that pool on the floor, then linen draperies are the best to achieve it. Plus, linen does not block the sunlight. Your room will have sufficient light throughout the day.
  • Velvet– It is another great fabric option for the drapery. It can either made of natural and synthetic fiber. If you want richness in your room, then velvet is the best alternative. Velvet fabric is thick and heavier and capable enough to block sunlight and stop the cold air from entering the room. Likewise, it can reduce the noise inside the room. Velvet will give a regal look to your room.
  • Silk– It is best chosen to give aesthetic appeal to your room. As the silk is heavier, it drapes well and helps to create romantic and formal dining room settings. But remember, silk is only dry- clean and susceptible to sun damage. So, if your room has enough sunlight, then use roller blinds underneath the silk drapery.
  • Lace– Lace draperies are in use for many years. They are considered traditional and best used to add privacy to your room. It brilliantly diffuses the natural light as it is heavier and thicker fabric. Lace usually comes in neutral shades and easily complements the other colors of the room. They are sturdy and can also be washed in the washing machine.
  • Cotton– It is a versatile fabric used for making draperies. It is used to achieve a range of styles. It can be a light fabric. But if you want to block sunlight in a bright room, choose cotton fabric with tight weaves. Most importantly, it is the most affordable fabric option for the drapery and commonly available everywhere.

Final words 

Well, these are the best fabric options you have. Now choose the color and pattern. Choose a darker color if you want to add more privacy to your room. Also, consider about the pattern. If you choose a large pattern, ensure it will be used in a room that has a large window. You can find the best window drapery treatments in Malibu with little effort as there are many window treatment service providers.

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