Different Types of China Kraft Paper Bags and Their Commercial Uses

If you are on Twitter or follow any podcasts on environmental issues,

If you are on Twitter or follow any podcasts on environmental issues, you know about the increasing severity of climate change and the decline of natural resources. In the wake of this environmental crisis, brands are looking for alternatives to their harmful products and adopting eco-friendly policies. Customers, too, are investing in products that can reduce the ecological footprint and salvage the planet. Plastic bags are one of the most used packaging materials that are causing harm to the environment. To counter this, China paper bags are gaining popularity in sustainable packaging.


This article will discuss the different kinds of china kraft paper bags and their commercial uses.

Classification of Kraft Papers

Different kinds of kraft papers are used for other uses. Each has different levels of durability, strength, and appearance. China paper bags manufacturers keep the service and client preference in mind before manufacturing. Some of these are discussed in the following section. 

According To The Kind of Material

  • Pure kraft paper bags
  • Paper-aluminum composite kraft paper bag
  • Woven bag composite kraft paper bag

According To The Type of Bag

  • Kraft paper bag that is freestanding
  • Zipper associated china paper bag
  • China paper bags that are both freestanding and with zipper
  • Kraft paper bags with side organ
  • Kraft paper bags that are sealed from three sides

According To The Appearance of The Type of Bag

  • China paper bags with valve pocket
  • Kraft paper bags with a seam bottom
  • Kraft paper bags with a square bottom

What Are The Kinds of Kraft Paper Bags and Their Business Uses

There are at least six different types of kraft major that are most commonly known. Each has specific uses which their attributes. They are briefly discussed below.

Virgin Natural Kraft Paper

Virgin natural kraft paper is the most commonly used in the china paper bags factory. The paper contains exceptionally durable and clean cellulose fibre. For heavy-duty applications, this kind of paper is preferable due to its tear resistant properties. This paper is cheap and ideal for commercial use on a large scale. Its use in protective layering, wrapping, carrier sheets, and branded packaging is due to its durability.

Natural Recycled Kraft Paper

Unlike virgin natural kraft paper, natural recycled kraft paper is not that strong and tear-resistant. However, this option is the best for the environment since it is recycled. It has enough strength to support lightweight objects, like groceries.

Black Kraft Paper

The most common use of this kind of china paper bags is in trendy school projects or unique packaging options for lightweight objects. China paper bags manufacturers use these kraft papers in bags that the customers need for dark, durable packaging.

Coloured Kraft Paper

Unlike black kraft paper, coloured kraft paper is often used by brands that want to promote their businesses in colourful hues by using colourful paper bags. They are fun and appealing to give away.

White or Bleached Kraft Paper

For objects that need exceptional wear and tear resistance, bleached kraft paper bags are used. Bleached kraft paper bags are made by china paper bag manufacturers that dip the wood into bleach before pulping them. It adds to the durability and is ideal for heavy-duty packages.

Printed Kraft Paper

For brands that want to make customised kraft paper bags, branded wrapping, and promote their business using their packaging, this is the ideal paper to use. Brands can display their logos and other information using printed kraft paper in their china paper bags.


Different kraft papers are ideal for various kraft paper bags. Pick the perfect paper according to your need following our article.

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