Developments in Motor Vehicle Technology

It is indisputable that the world’s economy is essentially triggered by several factors, new technologies being first on the list. New technologies revolve around digitization, new business models, and increased automation. The motor industry has not been left behind in these demands and car manufacturers are working day and night to ensure vehicles are assembled with the most recent technologies in an automated world. The need to keep up with new technologies has resulted in making vehicles considering connectivity, mobility in diverse ways, electrification, and automated driving.

Things to Come

The aforementioned technologies have set the bar high for vehicle manufacturing companies such that they have to upgrade their vehicles with the current car technology so that they can fit into dramatically changing economies. Fitting new technologies to your car is a marketing tool that will position the company’s portfolio higher than those companies not aligned with the technology. However, the shared mobility solutions ought to be short-term to easily adjust to technological advances to make upgrading easier and prompt. Gradual changes in technology were raising from using seat belts to automatic parking, and to date, new technologies have blown our minds. Here are some of the developments in the motor vehicle industry:

Automatic Parking

Every driver has once had trouble parking their vehicle maybe as a new driver or due to the size of the car in question. Lexus introduced automatic parking technology in 2006; this was one of the most inventive technologies Automatic parking technology enables the driver to park automatically and the driver is only allowed to use the brakes when requested by the feature.  Premium brands like Lexus, Tesla, Audi, and Jeep have this feature that has played a big role in marketing the vehicles.


Apple Car Play and Android Auto were one of the best addition to car technology that allows you to listen to music, visit websites watch videos and manage calls from your phone. Wi-Fi hotspot is an addition to these features that allow people is connected to the internet and other devices while in the car as passengers or driving. This feature was firstly available in premium cars but as the internet has become more available, more manufacturers are including the feature in their cars even those of lower end. Parents will not worry about distracting the kids while driving; they will keep them engaged with their devices ensuring a smooth ride.


Getting lost in the middle of nowhere is now a forgotten story. Manufacturers have installed a navigation tool in most cars lately using features like google maps. This feature enables you to get directions by helping you navigate roads and streets for as long as you have an internet connection. This feature updates you on the traffic status and happening on the road such as accidents that may cause traffic build-up. Additionally, it will give real-time news and satellite views, and driving instructions in real-time so that you can manage your time and expectations well.

Automatic Lift Gate

We all hate to put down luggage to open the car door or the boot; modern cars are fitted with automatic lift gates which open up on without physical touch. The rear part of the cat is fitted with sensors that detect when you lift your feet; they just open up. At times, the sensor may not respond to your feet at once; an electronic key fob comes in handy by sensing your proximity to the lift gate and opening the lift gate when you are close enough to the car.

Keyless Start and Entry

Most of the cars in production lately are coming keyless; instead, an electronic key fob is in play. Key fobs allow the unlocking of the car from a distance without anyone noticing. Key fobs lock, unlock the car, and start it without inserting a key anywhere. Key fobs are also lightweight and very convenient.

Automated Engine Braking System

Ever been distracted on the road and almost hit a bump or any other obstacle? Your heart must have raced at two times the normal speed! An automated braking system initiates the application of emergency brakes when it senses a barrier at a distance without the driver noticing it using plethora sensors. It is a life safer rather than a luxury. The sensors read the surrounding environment and alert the driver when the car is almost hitting an obstacle. The car is fitted with an onboard computer which works together with the sensor to slow down or stop the car to avert a car crash.

Voice Recognition Feature

Voice recognition is considered one of the biggest breakthroughs in the motor vehicle industry fitted for the first time in a Bentley in 2009. This feature enabled drivers to receive calls, reply to text messages, play music, and get directions without engaging the phone directly. This feature has been improved by the integration of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto whereby one can use the phone by proxy such that it does not affect keenness on the road.

Fast Charging

This is among the newest entries in new motor vehicle industry innovations. The entry of electric vehicles has been welcomed with excitement since it solves the need to keep up with ever-increasing prices of fuel. Some of the cars are purely electronic while others are a hybrid of electronic and fuel engines. Electronic vehicles come with an AC charger that fills up the battery within 4-6 hours. Lately, fast charging has been included in the charging system such that the battery could be fully charged within less than a mind-blowing hour! Thus, you do not have to panic if you are about to live for work and forgot to charge your car; plug it in as you get ready and all will be fine.

Lane Keep Assist

This makes it one of the newest technologies for modern cars.  This feature helps you keep safe by ensuring that your car is within the lane demarcation in case the driver is too tired to focus. The technology ensures the vehicle is centered and safe for you and other road users.


Technology has made driving an easier task than it used to be. Drivers use less energy to drive which boosts their productivity at work and in other areas of their lives. Such developments have allowed the entry of self-driven cars which are a great addition to the motor vehicle industry.  This article has brought to light the new technologies in the motor industry and what drivers should look for when purchasing a car. Buy and drive with knowledge!


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