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Connect Senait Adebo for Obesity and Weight Management Treatment

Connect Senait Adebo for Obesity and Weight Management Treatment

Weight is one way of determining if the body is in good health and condition. At a certain height, there is a specific weight that we should achieve and maintain for good health and fitness. Yet drastic weight management is not recommended at early stage.

It would be best to shed some pounds through moderate exercises and a healthy diet. Starving yourself is not the way to do it. Senait Abedo is a specialist stomach doctor who also offers obesity and weight management treatment. It’s better to make an appointment and get the treatment started rather than ignore and let things go bad to worst.

Management of one’s weight must have assistance from the doctor. Doctor’s assistance is even more necessary for obese and overweight people who need to lose much weight and prevent health complications. In that case, you may like to contact Dr. Senait Adebo Obesity and weight management treatment.

Obese and overweight individuals are at greater risk of mortality caused by diseases attributed to excessive weight and fats. They are prone to heart-related diseases, stroke, and cancer. If you are obese and overweight, losing weight is one of the best things to improve fitness and health and prevent you from possible risks.

You may also experience recurring stomach pain. Dr Senait Adebo is a specialist stomach doctor, and you may like to contact her for instant relief from discomfort.

Connect with Doctor for Obesity and Weight Management Treatment

Regardless of age or sex, you must consult with doctors regarding the safe way to manage your weight. Your doctor will recommend changing your lifestyle, such as quitting smoking habits and avoiding eating foods rich in calories and fats. With a healthy lifestyle, you decrease your risk of having ailments that will put your life at risk.

Weight management is something that you can discuss with doctors on your initiative. Doctors may even appreciate it if you do. You can ask your doctor any questions that you may have regarding proper weight management. Suppose you face a problem in following a particular diet or exercise routine. In that case, the doctor will understand your circumstances and may provide you with other alternatives that can work in your favor.

Before proceeding to your doctor, make sure that you already have a list of questions you may have regarding weight management. It would help if you also were prepared to answer questions that the doctor may ask and make sure that you respond truthfully so the doctor can assess your condition correctly.

The doctor’s questions may involve asking the kinds and types of medications you take, both with and without prescriptions, which you are taking or have taken. You may also be asked about your medical background or history, such as ailments, surgeries, and cures you have undergone. Your physical and mental health issues will also be discussed so that treatment can be started and medicines recommended accordingly.

Final thoughts

Weight loss or weight gain is not just about simple shedding or putting on weight. The doctor must also guarantee each body organ and parts’ optimum conditions while losing or gaining weight as per their prescription. You may have achieved your ideal weight but at the expense of other body functions, and we are sure you wouldn’t want that. Make an appointment with Dr Senait Adebo for Obesity and weight management treatment.





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