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An internet article’s images are its lifeblood since they make the text more engaging and simpler to grasp. Particularly eye-catching visuals may entice readers to continue reading the text by appealing to their sense of sight. The content of your website should ideally draw visitors in with eye-catching images as soon as they get there, and then they should progressively scroll down to read the material you wish to provide before the page ends with calls to action. 

Those lovely thumbnails, however, have a bit of a flip side. Actually, since it prolongs the sites’ loading times, consumers only experience immediate annoyance when entering the page. Even worse, some of their patients could exceed the page’s capacity and bounce off it. According to a research study, “the majority of internet users will just leave a website if it takes longer than an average of 8 seconds to load.” Here are some of the best tools that we can recommend you compress image online. 

  • is an online file conversion tool. However, it is a highly versatile tool, and you will even be able to use it to compress image online. You just need to upload an image to this online tool and proceed with optimizing it. When you reduce image with, you can make sure that the quality of it doesn’t get reduced. As a result, we can highly recommend this tool for anyone who is planning to compress image online.

Regardless of the format of image you have, it is possible to upload to the online tool. That’s because it is compatible with all common image formats. You will surely enjoy what it offers, and you will never want to look for any other tool. 

  • TinyPNG 

20 photos with a combined maximum file size of 5MB per image may be uploaded. You may add more by refreshing the page! JPG, PNG, and JPEG file types. One of the first and most well-known free JPEG and PNG compressors is TinyPNG. You can also use it to downsize photos for an app or retail websites, which is a really useful tool. The optimal performance of Tiny PNG is when more than 70% of the picture size is preserved. 

Additionally, you may transmit up to 20 photos simultaneously per upload, each with a maximum file size of 5MB. You may also compress 100 pictures each month. It even offers a useful, free plugin for compressing images that is designed exclusively for the Magento platform. 

  • Mageplaza Image Optimizer

One of the greatest image optimization tools created specifically for a Magento 2 shop website is the Mageplaza Image Optimizer for Magento 2 store. The most widely used image formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, TIF, and BMP, are supported. Additionally, it provides two compression options: lossy and lossless. You may decrease the file size using these two options while maintaining the picture quality. 

Additionally, scan and optimization operations will be initiated automatically with the aid of corn, saving store administrators a ton of time. Not least of all, it offers a backup feature that enables you to edit photographs without erasing the original.

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