Common Pros and Cons of Uses of Technology in Students Age

Digital devices are extremely popular among the youth of today, regardless of age group. Tablets top the wish lists of even the youngest of students. Pre-teens cannot wait till they can get their hands on smartphones. And high school students feel deserving of both as well as a laptop. Electronic devices have become a vital part of the social structure in the modern-day.

Digital devices have their own benefits and vices. On one side they are key tools for learning new skills and collecting vast information with a few clicks. It provides knowledge and can make a lot of useful things accessible without having to move from your couch.

But the possibility of the effects of unlimited exposure to electromagnetic radiation and lack of physical activity is real. It is worrying that young children are so sucked into it that they avoid healthy pursuits like playing and exercising. Technology certainly lets children have experiences that fuel creativity and innovation. They are able to see the world that exists far beyond their home and school.

But it is undoubtedly also robbing them of valuable childhood experiences that are joyful and equally life learning. A rewarding childhood is full of climbing trees, selling lemonades, playing tag with other kids, and daydreaming. They help in creating lifelong bonds, learning how to solve real-life problems, and grow as a person. However, here we are going to give a look at both sides of this coin named technology. The pros and cons will help determine how it is affecting young students overall in today’s age.

Pros of Technology

Help keep an eye on the child

Giving your child a smartphone allows you some peace of mind. It will always let you know the whereabouts of your young one. As they are always only a text or call away. And if they are at that rebellious age where they refuse to engage in both there is GPS tracking. Smartphones almost always have GPS which can be activated to specify their location.

Essential for Schoolwork

It is an undeniable fact that digital devices have become necessary for academic assignments. Students need them for researching topics. Sometimes the most accurate and up to date data is available online on any topic. At times when they are overburdened with work, students can also find positive solutions online. Services such as cheap reliable essay writing service, provide quality academic content on any required subject. In higher grades, students also need to submit typed reports and creatively designed projects. It is much easier and convenient to do through technology.

Opens up an Amazing World of Discovery

The Age of Information is a remarkable gift in many ways for curious young minds. They can learn anything from the most ordinary of tasks to information about the remotest corners of Earth. Just open up a video or blog and learn knitting or identify the plants growing in your yard.

Research your family tree or have a trip to the world’s tallest mountain without taking a plane trip. The possibilities are endless where technology is concerned. It can nurture a love for children to learn more and understand new things. This encourages them to pick fields later on that furthers this ambition.

Learning Social Interaction

This argument has the potential to go both ways. Students are likely to be seen with their eyes stuck to their cell phones instead of real-life interaction. However, there is also a strong aspect of socialization integrated into networking apps like Facebook and Instagram. People can connect with them from miles apart and at times makes valued positive bonds.

Cons of Technology

Health Risks From Digital Device Usage

Keeping children busy during car rides has become extremely easy with digital devices. They can immerse themselves in games, shows, music, movies, or apps without complaining till the travel ends. However, children are also mostly wearing headphones or earbuds on these occasions. This can cause irreversible damage to their eardrums in case of lengthy exposure to loud volume.

Moreover, it is confirmed by the EPA, that computer screens do emit x-ray radiation of low level. Although there is no evidence that this causes health issues, they still advise limiting the viewing period.

Keep the laptops or tablets on their laps or in front of faces for brief lengths of time only. Also spending endless amounts of time with a device leads to children being sedentary. And that can result in gaining of weight or any number of problems stemming from inactivity.

Exposure to Inappropriate Content and People

Most parents are careful enough to set limits on their child’s internet usage. They also employ privacy and security features to make sure they are protected. But children can still find themselves in an online chat room at some point talking with strangers. Or any link can pop up and they can gain access to inappropriate content unknowingly. It is imperative to monitor your child’s activities online if you have given them their personal devices.

Similar to a lot of other things, technology also has its benefits and disadvantages. Especially for young people who have very impressionable minds. It is important for adults around them to keep a check on how they are using digital devices. Balance is the key to handle this scenario. This way students will be able to gain the technological benefits and will be less vulnerable to its vices.

khirad Shah

Khirad Shah, a well-known writer. She has made her name in digital marketing agencies all over the world by serving her online writing services. Now she is connected with lots of digital firms but as a director of SEO experts this time she is doing outstanding in the digital world.

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