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Common Painting Mistakes You Should Avoid for Best Results

Everyone knows how effective painting is to give your house a visibly fresh look. But the entire idea to give your home a refreshed and more inviting look can be spoiled if you end up making some rookie mistakes. And no, we aren’t talking about choosing the wrong paint colour or underestimating the paint budget. These problems can easily be avoided by using Asian paints colour book and wall paint calculator respectively.

When it comes to painting a house, various things need your attention, especially if you’re taking charge to get things done correctly. So let’s dive straight to some of the most common yet prevalent painting mistakes that you must avoid to get a flawless result.

Painting on an Unclean Surface

Just because the walls look clean doesn’t mean there aren’t any dust particles sticking to the wall surface. When you paint on a soiled surface, be prepared to get a flawed paint finish. If you want to get the desired result, always clean the walls before painting to ensure the walls don’t have any dust or dirt particles that can get mixed with the paint, affecting the result. The best way is to clean the walls a few hours before the final painting work is about to begin.

Not Using Tape to Cover Window Edges

A common mistake many house owners were found making while getting their house painted was not using any tape to cover the window sills, door frames, or any other place that requires clean edges. When you cover these areas with tape, you don’t end up with a sloppy paint job. Tapes are easy to paste and remove, so you can do it without any hassle. And if you’ve hired professional painters to do the job, they will do it for you.

Painting the Ceiling Last

If you’re getting your ceiling painted too, never leave it for the last. You should start painting the ceiling first, so even if a few paint drops fall on the ground or the adjacent wall surfaces, it gets covered when the other walls are painted. This one tip can save you from much time and paint wastage, and you’ll achieve the desired results in fairly less time. If you’ve hired some painters to do the job, ask them to start with the ceiling and then move to the other room walls.

Not Prepping the Surface for a Clean Finish

No matter how good the paint colour you’ve selected or how excellent the paint quality is, it will all go waste if you don’t prep the walls before applying the paint. It is why all professional painters prime the walls with a good quality primer. A primer gives the paint a safe and even surface to stick to. It even hides stains and other imperfections with ease. All this contributes to a flawless and visually appealing paint finish you’ll be proud to flaunt.

Leaving all the Fixtures Exposed

Just like it is important to use tape on window sills and other frames where you want the edges to remain clean, it is essential to cover any fixture available in the room to be painted. It can be a doorknob or any immovable fixture that can easily be affected if a drop of paint is splashed on it. Cover all these fixtures with a cloth you no longer need and remove them once the paint is applied and dried.

Besides the typical mistakes highlighted above, you should also be careful while purchasing any paint product. Always stick to branded paint items for excellent results

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