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Change your game with sola wood flowers

As the time is changing everyone is getting busy in the most materialistic things forgetting a way back to nature and calmness. Setting new trends in events or doing something unique or extra in your most special events to create hype among your friends and family has become the way for celebrating. However, we have a very surprising element that can help you to stand out yourself from your friends and family.
The surprising element that we have is none other than the sola wood flowers. These are the most discussed topic these days, especially during wedding season. As we know how many people are into flowers and floral decoration these days, having natural vibes, and this is perfectly where these personalized wooden roses comes into the picture.

What are sola wood flowers?

Wondering what is so special about these sola wood flowers is that these are also known as shola, and these come from the plant Aeschynomene Aspera. The actual reason is that these flowers are eco-friendly friendly are not real flowers; instead, these are a sustainable alternative to cut flowers obtained from marshy plants. Furthermore, these plants naturally have a renewable wood from which these personalized wooden roses are made very easily. Another interesting thing about these flowers is that they can easily grow very quickly as it has a renewable property by being one of the lightest known woods.
It has been misunderstood that these flowers are obtained from tapioca or cassava plants for a very long time, which is not true.
These are highly preferred by many wedding planners and in decoration pieces because these flowers are very natural-looking and can last a lifetime very easily with care and dedication. So if you are planning to have these sola wood flowers on your special day, it can make you stand out among your friends and families.
Are Sola Wood Flowers have a natural scent?

By nature, these flowers don’t possess any scent on them. However, it has been seen that many sola wood flowers users have started to scent these flowers with their choice perfume such as rose scent, essential oils even and what flowers you like the most. You can also spray them with the choice of your own. But when it comes to using essential oils, their scents usually last about 3-6 months on these sola wood flowers if kept in an open area. However, some reports have also claimed that these scents can last up to years.

Are these sola wood flowers worth buying?

Yes, these personalized wooden roses are worth it. The thing that make these flowers extremely demanded among people is their long durability, budget-friendly price, and the natural look that these flowers have. In addition, nature’s calming property they brought in your presence is priceless. So, without any doubt, these sola wood flowers are worth buying, and they will shift your experience of calmness and peace completely.


We know now how great these flowers are and what amazing qualities these flowers have, so stop wasting time visiting the website online and order your set of sola wood flowers right now and enjoy these unique creations of nature.


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