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Best Cartoon Shows For Kids

Cartoon Shows For Kids

Cartoons are always kids’ favorite, and every kid likes to spend time watching them. And you, as a parent, also want to spend time alone, and cartoons are the only way to keep children engaged for a few hours. However, not all cartoons are liked by kids, and you must know which ones to watch. We all love to watch cartoon for entertainment.

Knowing their favorite cartoons will help you in buying clothes and accessories for your kids. Here is a list of all the cartoons that your kids can watch. 


Pokemon is one of the legendary shows that everyone as a child loved to watch. Gaining popularity after its release as a Nintendo Gameboy, this show has become a part of every child’s daily life. The hero of the anime Ash Ketchum is accompanied by his Pokemon named Pikachu. 

Pikachu soon became the favorite cartoon character of all kids of sheryl berkoff age. This series is limited to TV shows, but the makers have promised to remake it into a film.

Scooby Doo, Where Are You!

Scooby Doo, Where Are You! Starres is a group of young friends known to solve crimes who are also the main characters. The crime stories have a little touch of horror and suspense. This cartoon show has been recreated a lot of times on different screens. It has also been recreated in the form of a movie which was a blockbuster hit. 

Tom And Jerry

Tom and jerry is a world-famous cartoon show created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. The show depicts a fight between cat and mouse, derived from the common belief among people that cat and mouse are bound to be arc enemies. Tom and Jerry show how tom was always in a pursuit to catch jerry and how jerry always successfully dodges every attack on tom. Jerry handles the attacks of tom very cleverly, and this little fight of wits makes the show very enjoyable. 

However, in the end, there are some moments where tom and jerry might work out between themselves, and this leads many kids to wonder are tom and jerry best friends

Bob The Builder

This famous British show is known to teach kids about various activities involved in construction using cartoon characters. Bob the builder show has episodes in which bob and his team of construction vehicles will go on a mission to renovate, construct and repair places. So, doing these activities teaches kids conflict resolution, teamwork, and optimism. 

Bob is known for his phrase “ Can we fix it?” to which everyone in his team reacted, “ yes, we can.” This teaches kids that there is no problem that they cannot solve if they are determined and have their friends’ support. 

Dragon Tales

This animated fantasy series is known for its unique storyline. Dragon Tales is a set of different stories of adventures of Emmy and Max, two human siblings who are in possession of a mystical dragon scale that lets them travel to the dragon world. So, this world is inhabited by beautiful dragons who are friendly and possess different types of personalities. 

These two children often visit the home of these dragons known as Dragon land to help these dragons with their daily problems. So, by seeing these giant dragons, you might wonder What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth.


So these were some of the fantastic cartoons shows that your kids can watch. Some shows like tom and jerry and pokemon have been in existence for more than a decade now. And are relevant for all generations. So if you ever want to watch cartoons along with your kids, these two will be the options you can consider.

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