Can a Student in India Buy a Smartphone Without a Credit Card or an Income?

Students are the primary consumers of smart devices all over the world. This is true for India too. Students make up a significant portion of the smartphone consumer base, especially since they are savvy enough to know what they want in terms of features and specs. Students get what they want, but only if they’re in the minority of the population that are gifted smart devices by their families.

For the majority, from low or middle income segments, a smartphone may be out of reach if a student wants to purchase one by themselves. With no source of income and lack of the facility of a credit card, it may be difficult for a student in India to buy a mobile phone.

Nonetheless, this may be possible with certain digital instruments like the Bajaj Card. Apply this Bajaj card online, and get instant access to a world of buying with easy payment facilities. Smarter payment options such as these are making payments for people who don’t earn a living easier than ever before. Let’s see how.

Students can Pay


You may be wondering how students can pay for items without a regular income or a credit card. The answer is simple. The way to pay is to conveniently pay on EMIs. High-value items can be purchased without having a strain put on a family’s budget. With convenient terms of payment, and no or low interest rates, smartphones can be afforded by students.

Many students “earn” money from gifts they receive from family members and friends on birthdays and other occasions. Some students who get scholarships also get awarded a certain amount of money to fund their education requirements.

Scholarships are given out to a student based on meritorious academic performance. Although the age limit to apply for digital payment instruments like the EMI Bajaj Card may be on the higher side, for initial application, parents can apply and students can use funds to pay on easy EMIs, choosing flexible tenors.

Paying through Wallets


Students can alternatively pay through a digital wallet that may be installed on their parents’ phones. Also known as an e-wallet, a digital wallet is a service that permits payment for goods and services by storing cash (that is previously loaded) in the wallet for future use. Alternatively, digital wallets may be linked to a financial institution where a person holds an account, such as a bank account. Payments on EMIs can be made through a digital wallet system as well. Many parents of students in India have laid importance on starting bank accounts in their children’s names, so children can get used to banking transactions and learn about financial systems early.

Banks have devised special student-centric accounts for parents to consider for their children, such as ICICI Bank’s Campus, HDFC Bank’s Digisave Youth, and PNB Student’s Savings Account. The majority of Indians, more than 80%, now have bank accounts, both in rural and urban India, and it is simple to open accounts geared to students’ needs, based on parental financial guarantees.

As early as 2014, the Reserve Bank of India had allowed banks to provide minors with savings accounts, jointly operated with a parent/guardian. With the convenient Bajaj Card, apply online easily and pay as a student through a bank account for students.


Students can be Cash-Ready


It’s very easy for a student to pay for a smartphone without an income or credit card. Of course, the need for parental support has to kick in, but any smartphone is affordable on the EMI Store of Bajaj Finserv, where you get to choose smartphones from top brands. Students can pay using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to purchase items on easy EMIs on the EMI Store.


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