Building Blocks of Women Clothing

Dressing up is like constructing a building. You plan, lay out a basic foundation, add appropriate support, build an aesthetically pleasing structure, and adorn it with catchy ornaments. There, you have the perfect guide to a perfect dressing. Easy as constructing a building, right? Let’s dig deeper and see how we can map it in our actual dress-ups.

The planning:

Always plan, what you are going to wear. When you are in a hurry and you don’t know what to wear, you may often end up with disasters. So planning ahead of time is always essential. Plan your outfit and pull out all the items you need, try them on if your mind can’t usually decide what size it is.

Basic foundation:

After gathering the contents, lay them down or hang them in the sequence you are going to wear them in. This should be the basic sequence you always follow. Some dresses may have layers or additional items. It is easier when you have them sequenced. That way you won’t miss anything and you won’t remember that under vest after wearing your shirt. Another example of a sequence is that, when you go to any women’s clothing store online or physically, they always categorize the dresses according to user needs.

Additional support: 

Additional support is always your Undergarments. Choose the underwear wisely. You know your body the best. You know the areas that need support or shaping up. Go for the most comfortable underwear as that is the most intimate part of your attire that you have to brave all day. Choose comfortable shapewear if needed. Do remember, that shape or size doesn’t define beauty. Beauty comes with a balance. Beauty comes with knowing and going with what flatters your body type. Support should always come with comfort and acceptance of your body. If shapewear makes you feel beautiful. Go for it. If not. Ditch it, because girl you are amazing, just the way you are.

The structure:  

The structure of your attire is the actual dress. A perfect attire depends on the shape, color, fit, and texture of the pieces you tie together. You know what suits you and what articles go with what. Pick the items wisely, color coordinate, color block, contrast tops, and bottoms, go with basic combinations like pair of jeans with a white top, printed skirt with plain base color shirt, a dress with black tights or stockings. Sometimes going wild turns out great, other times playing it by the ear is more aesthetically pleasing. It all depends on the nature of the event, your mood, time of day, weather, and dress code if any.

The adorning: 

After your ensemble is put up nicely, it’s time to jazz it up. Add pieces of jewelry, a nice brooch, a simple belt, a nice purse, or a hair accessory. Any of the things may do it, not all of the things. Never overdo with the accessories. Don’t overload by wearing a huge necklace and earrings together, either wear the necklace or the earrings, rings, or bangles. Over-accessorizing may look a little tacky. Sometimes just a simple belt is enough to tie the whole outfit together. Accessorizing also depends on the type of event, time of day, weather, and mood.


Sometimes in addition to the outfit and accessories, you may feel the need to layer up. Like a cool breeze may hint you to add up a scarf over your outfit, or a cape, or a shrug. Just so you won’t be left shivering and quivering as that breeze picks up, or as the evening falls and temperatures start to drop. You should always be prepared with that extra piece of clothing that can either be added or stripped down depending on the weather. You may not necessarily need it, but there is no harm in being prepared. It is just like carrying an umbrella. It may not at all rain, but you should have it just in case. 

So, when at night you go to pick out an outfit for the next day, always keep in mind the building blocks and make sure to put together a cohesive and well-balanced outfit. One that flatters your body and elevates your style. One that highlights your best features and hides your least favorite ones. Above all, learn to love your body!

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