Two Best Mobile Tracker Apps

Mobile tracking is becoming a pressing demand for employers and parent, and they seek to record activities of their target activities in order to stay aware of their real-time whereabouts. The idea of tracking is not much old, and it has emerged only a few years back, in fact the major demand has erupted with the increased use of smartphones in accomplishing daily routine tasks. 

A number of employers and parents seek to have an android phone spying solution as android phones are the most commonly used smartphones around the globe, according to a report; android users around the globe exceed two billion, which is the largest among all the smartphone operating systems.  

The employers want to clone all the activities of their employees in order to know about the intentions of these employees towards businesses. A few employees, as observed, do not pledge their loyalty to the business and do the assigned tasks half-heartedly. They can go on to damage the business interests if something catchy or glittery is offered to them, which can harm the business interests.

Moreover, the increased instances of cyber attacks on business data urge the employers to have a close watch on the smartphone activities of their employees so that each and everything can be observed by the employer, and upon any suspected activity, the necessary action can be initiated. 

The cyber attacks have much to do with businesses. Most of the time, the damage gets initiated from the careless behavior and approach of employees while using the business devices and smartphones, the problem starts when employees access unsafe financial checkouts, e-commerce and other digital platforms.

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The cybercriminals residing over there at the backend try to breach the security protocol of the target device and steal the confidential business information and data from the devices. The data may include sensitive information of the customer, or it may include financial details of the business activities, which can harm the company’s repute or financial standing. 

The stolen information is used for trendsetting, trend identification, and advanced selling, which are not ethical practices. So, the employers’ idea to track the android phones of their employees is of vital significance. 

On the other side, parents’ concerns are growing with the increase in cyber-attacks on children through social media and digital networks. Cyber predators and criminals try to attack children using android smartphones to gain unlawful benefits. The offenses may include harassment, sex-offending, cyber-predating, and much more. 

These criminals look to gain financial benefits by blackmailing the kids; they get into the personal lives of the children, know their secrets, and then exploit them at later stage.

So, the only solution to address the problems of parents and employers is to use a spy app for android. An android spy app monitors and tracks all the activities of the kids and employees over their cell phones, providing an extensive look to the parents into the lives of their target users, ultimately safeguarding the family and business interests.

There are number of android spying services which claim to clone all the performing activities to the end-user’s control panel, but we found TheOneSpy and OgyMogy as the best spying solutions.

TheOneSpy – Best Spy App for Android 

TheOneSpy is currently one of the very best in the spying domain. It clones each and every bit of communication taking place on the target android phone. The salient features include

  • Location tracking
  • Geo-fencing the movement
  • Internal storage tracking
  • Website blocking
  • Social media apps monitoring
  • Mic and camera bug

You can have a deeper look into the offerings of the app by visiting

OgyMogy – Best Spy App for Spying on Kids

OgyMogy is primarily targeted at serving the parents for keeping an eye on the activities of their kids so that they may not face any harassment, cyberbullying, cyber predating, and sex offending attempts. 

The stand out features of the app include

  • Screen recording
  • Surround recoding
  • Calendars, contacts, and appointments monitoring
  • Keylogger to identify password
  • Location tracking and geo-fencing
  • Phone call recording and listening 


The threats to businesses and kids are discussed in this age of digitization. The best solution is to use an android spy app to monitor employees and kids, and TheOneSpy and OgyMogy are the two best android spying solutions.

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