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Best Bras for Saggy Breasts After Weight Loss

Women are usually compelled to try out several different bra designs until they find one that fits perfectly well and feels comfortable. However, this article highlights some of the best bras for saggy breasts after weight loss. We did scour the internet for great styles, a vast collection of not only attractive bras but classy and supportive too.

Most of these bras aren’t quite the typical non-padded and padded bras. They offer ultimate support and lift breasts, especially the saggy ones. Most notably, the bra would help support and flaunt your breasts after losing weight. Usually, your breasts might appear slightly different in shape after a significant weight loss. But it all depends on you.

After weight loss, your breasts may lose both their size and shape. But it won’t be necessarily the same for all women. What happens to you might not necessarily happen to the other. However, it’s good to lift and support the breast’s shape and tissue.

Choose Best Bras for Saggy Breasts After Weight Loss

It is important to wear the right bra size for saggy breasts after weight loss. Most women don’t get an ideal fit from their bras since they are of the wrong size. You will lack both breast support and fit if you are wearing an ill-fitting bra.

You can visit a professional bra fitter to measure you up and help in getting the right size, or use these steps:

Size of the Band

The most common illusion women have sizing their bra without wearing one, which is wrong. You are supposed to either wear a padded or an unpadded bra. However, an underwire bra would be ideal for those with saggy breasts. The bra helps lift the breasts and also makes them appear rounder for accurate sizing.

You then need to wrap the tape measure around the lower part of the bra. The results would be the underbust/band size. Ensure the tape lies comfortably at the back and not too snugly. The band brings excellent lift and support for saggy breasts.

If the result is an odd number, you can choose a bra of the next number since bra sizes come only in even numbers. You can either go up or down the scale; it all depends on you.

Cup Sizes

The band and breast size should give you the cup size. You need to subtract the band size from the breast size, and the difference gives you the cup size.

Breast Size

The fullest part of the breasts is the bust measurement. For some people, it falls from mid to low but is usually at the center. Wrap the tape measure around your breasts and keep it parallel to the ground. Ensure it is tight but comfortable enough.

Factors for Consideration

It’s prevalent for women to wear ill-fitting bras. However, you should consider a quick check on the sizes and comfortability. When it comes to bras, lift, support, and comfort should always come first.


Most bra fitting issues arise from the cups. Measuring the cup size is quite simple; it’s how the cups fit that complicate the entire process.

A curve is an ideal shape for bra cups. It should start from the cup’s top to the underbust. For both large and small breasts, it should form a smooth, seamless shape. It’s only then that the cups will help prevent any spillage, gaping, and bulging.

Go down a cup size or adjust the straps if there’s some space between your skin and the top of the bra’s cup. It’s also referred to as sister sizing.

Bra cups are quite delicate; they either fit or don’t. If the bra fits snugly from the breasts, usually the cups are tighter. However, women with saggy breasts after weight loss need tightness. But ensure you don’t squeeze into the bra cups so that it contours the shape of your breasts.


You will need to switch to a comfortable and versatile bra if the straps keep digging into the shoulders. Go for bras with adjustable shoulder straps, as they allow you to adjust your bra from time to time comfortably. Tighter bands would also be ideal for additional support.


Usually, women with saggy breasts use the tightest hook of their bra. However, this can lead to skin indentation and severe back problems. To solve this issue, get a bra with the right band size and clasp on the loosest hook. The band size should fit snugly and lie flat on the skin for saggy breasts.

Why Do Breasts Sag?

Breasts sag for a variety of reasons. In fact, it is inevitable among all women that there is even a medical term for it— breast ptosis.

Your breasts are composed of fatty and fibrous tissues, which are eventually affected by the pull of gravity. As gravity pulls them down, your breast ligaments loosen, putting tension on overlying skin. This skin will also stretch as it happens.

It also happens with the process known as breast involution. This involves the shrinking of the milk-making system inside your breasts. It shrinks simply because it is no longer needed. When this happens, the skin surrounding the tissues does not shrink; so, your breasts will look deflated. As a result, they tend to sag.

Multiple pregnancies are also said to be the leading cause of sagging breasts. With the hormonal changes during pregnancy, your milk ducts shrink and expand every time. As a result, the tissues sag uncontrollably.

If you have large breasts, you are more likely to suffer from sagging breasts than women with small breasts. The greater the mass of your breasts, the more vulnerable they are to the pull of gravity.

It goes without saying that aging has a lot to do with this common problem. As you age, your skin becomes less elastic; so, obviously, it is a contributing factor.

Given this, smoking is also a possible cause. It accelerates aging by destroying elastin, a protein that helps your skin to remain supple as you age.

Other factors that likely cause your breasts to sag include the following:

  • Collagen deficiency;
  • Estrogen deficiency;
  • High body mass index (BMI);
  • Menopause; and
  • Rapid weight loss

Myths about Sagging Breasts

There have been a lot of speculations as to why breasts sag. However, a lot of these have already been debunked.

You might still be hearing these things causing breasts to sag; so, it is important that you know them and that they have already been proven wrong— or at least have not yet been proven to be true.

First, let us talk about breastfeeding, which is the most common myth for why breasts sag. Note that it does not cause breasts to sag because it does not stretch your breast tissues. Probably, people associate it with sagging breasts because of breast involution.

Again, breast involution is the process of milk-making tissues shrinking when they are no longer needed. This shrinking leads to the breasts looking empty; so, they tend to sag. Obviously, now, breastfeeding does not directly cause your breasts to sag.

Some also say that it has something to do with your non-wearing of bras. Then, there are also speculations indicating that it is caused by wearing bad bras. Well, all of these are plainly myths— there are no truths to these claims!


Plus, size bra support is essential for women with saggy breasts. You should keep in mind the structured bra cups that help contour the shape of the breasts naturally. It usually goes a long way when it comes to lift and support.

The lingerie market is flooded with uncomfortable and inaccurate bra sizes. But you still can get some of the best bras for saggy breasts after weight loss. They offer exceptional support and lift while keeping you comfortable.

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