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Be the Master of Designing the Instagram Grid Layout

Instagrammers aiming to develop brands, influencers, or creatives, styling the account’s look and feel, play a vital role.

or any other social media marketing agency would vouch that grid layout is onze of the most influencing factors in this segment.

Pro Tips for the Instagram Grid Layout Design

A grid layout in an Instagram account serves to create an impression for the new visitors or existing followers. Also, grids are the perfect ways to attract followers as they overall portray the whole message behind the account. Here are some pro tips for designing the Instagram grid layout with vogue and efficiency.

1. Emphasize a color combo

Instagram is all about looking and feel. Thus, choosing a color combination for the grid pictures can be a game-changer. The

would endorse in selective color palette or tone to feature in every photo of the grid. It gives an illusion of a matching set for the pictures even if the pictures’ subject varies. One should consider those pictures that they want in a grid do not possess a similar tone, and then the solution is to use the same filter for all the pictures to create almost the same effect.

2. Give the effect of a checkerboard

Use pictures of varying styles alternately to give the checkerboard effect to the grid. One can also try using textual quotes and photography alternately or mixing photos of varying shots from landscape to portrait. Similar shots where the focuses vary from back to forth and are with two well-defined color shades create a checkerboard effect. A social media marketing agency would suggest that in-case text-based posts, it will be helpful if the background color or fonts are kept consistent with creating the pattern.

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3. Row by row designing

Another approach to designing one’s grid layout is to emphasize the rows. Creating a pattern row by row gives a whole new look to the grid. As indulged by the digital marketing services in Gurgaon, one way to do this design is to select a background color for a particular row and post pictures according to it. Then, users can also arrange the pictures according to the photograph views. Like, a row might consist of only panoramic views pictures or a set of pictures that constructs a long image put together side by side.

4. Create a vertical or horizontal column

Related images can be used to create a whole image either vertically or horizontally. Social media agencies in Delhi use this trick to break up the grid into squares that create such connected pictures. These pictures can stand alone or can be connected skilfully to portray a larger message. This way, users can bring together the graphic branding elements and the photography in a single grid.

5. Turn the grid into the rainbow

Users can create a rainbow with the photographs’ background colors, and it can be assured that it is very eye-catchy. It is the approach of slowly moving from one color of the rainbow to the next color. Now, this is time-consuming and hence requires patience and an adequate amount of color sense. Posting regularly with saturated color and then slowly transiting to a different color creates a rainbow effect in users’ grid layout.

6. Borders matter

Bordering all the images is also a handy trick in creating consistency. One can select from any range of colors for the borders to create a look that stands out in the crowd. One option is to use the Whitagram app to edit the grid pictures with a border of varying color shades and thickness.

7. Turn the posts into puzzles

Let this trick be reserved for a particular purpose, such as a promotion or a new account launch. This trick is not applicable for a day to day basis posts. One can turn the whole grid into a puzzle grid. They only need related images to accomplish this. A puzzle grid constructs one big picture with all these interconnected images. Once done, it is a visual feast.

So, these are the few ways to design the grid layout in an Instagram, which as a user, one may find quite helpful.

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