Are RCN Internet Plans Good for Hardcore Gaming

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or you are starting to develop an interest in the gaming industry, you need to understand that a fast blazing internet connection and gaming standards go hand in hand. And if you wish to play at the top of your game then you must have an outstanding internet connection that uplifts your performance and helps you play at your highest potential.

RCN Internet has always provided the best quality services to their customers. Regardless of the type of service they are providing, including their fast blazing internet plans, cable TV, or home phone services, RCN has always given more than expected.

Similarly, RCN has also taken notice of the gamers who are looking for great internet service. The company is going above and beyond just to satisfy the needs of the gaming community by providing them reliable and trustworthy plans.

Before we dig into the offers that RCN has to give to the gamers, here are few elements you should take notice of and make yourself aware of.

Latency Plays a Vital Role

Latency that is also known as ping is an essential element to take into account. The latency is the time that a console takes to send the message to the system to gain a response. If this duration is not fast enough that means your connection has a higher latency level.

In online gaming, this lag becomes a huge problem, and it can make or break the game for you. While playing the game, if your screen is freezing or the game is disconnecting then you should be concerned about your connection.

Carefully Select the Internet Connection

It is important that when you are searching for an internet connection you must see all the necessary factors that will affect your gaming performance. This majorly includes the ping rate that every game showcases, and you can select your internet connection accordingly.

Moreover, it is also essential that you select the right type of internet connection. Following are some types from which you can select the one.

  • Fiber Internet Connection

This is simply the best option for gamers to opt for and try because fiber is the fastest connection present out there. And the more speed you have the more it is good for your gaming experience. 

A few of the best things about fiber internet is that it delivers connectivity options of Gig-speed which beats every other option available out there. Plus, you don’t have to share the bandwidth with your neighbors when you are using the fiber as it is the dedicated internet connection. 

  • Cable Internet Connection

This is also a great option for gamers, especially for the ones that don’t have access to fiber internet in their area. This is widely available and is also much more affordable than the fiber connection, so if you are not a professional gamer then you can rely on your cable connection as well. 

  • DSL Internet Connection

If you are eager to play games and don’t want to upgrade your internet connection to fiber, then you can give DSL a try. But be aware that it might boil up your connection, and there is a huge possibility that you will face interruptions while playing.

Data Usage Is a Priority

Every game uses a different amount of data and it can range from 40 MB to 300 MB per hour. If you are using a fiber internet then you should feel free to use the connection to play any game you want as it provides you the freedom because of its Gig internet connectivity.

Moreover, it also keeps the speed and connection smooth and intact even if you are using multiple devices at a time to play multiple games. Each device will have consistent service without any lag or disruption.

What Makes RCN Internet Connection Good For Gaming?

RCN has always proven to be a great service with all their incredible packages offered to all the customers. And in the spirit of supporting the gaming community, RCN has taken a step forward and have constructed plans that cater to all the needs of their customers.

Some of the reasons why RCN is a perfect option for the gamers is because:

  • First and foremost, RCN offers a fiber-rich internet connection to its gaming community that contains Gig Speed Internet. This Gigabit connection helps you experience enhanced gameplay and fulfills all your bandwidth requirements.  
  • Second, it doesn’t require you to sign any contract, and you are not bound to the service at any given time and can attain the 30-day money-back guarantee in case you change your mind.
  • Third, they offer amazing customer support to all the customers that are ready to serve you and resolve all your problems right away.
  • Finally, the best part of why RCN is the best internet service for gamers is because they are not just focused on providing their services, but they also allow hardcore gamers to explore and join gaming communities online. You can hang out with like-minded people or improve your skills through participating in the different platforms of the live stream, charity stream, and even the e-sports events.


After reading all about the necessary connection requirements and facilities provided by RCN, now you know where you go if you are planning to opt for the most suitable internet option for gaming!

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