An Absolute Guide On What Is Android Programming Language

An Absolute Guide On What Is Android Programming Language

Every time we talk or listen about Android, the only thing that comes to our mind is smartphones. As we all know, whatever Android smartphone we use, they all work on the Android operating system. Now you know that Android is an operating system, but do you know it all works on the programming language. There are many programming languages used for the Android operating system. Below we have discussed android programming languages and the programming languages used to create android applications. Every programming language has unique features that make it well suitable for creating Applications in the Android programming language. 

What Is Android Programming Language

Every time we go somewhere, we always keep our smartphones with us. In short, you will see Android users everywhere. The reason why android users are more other than other operating systems is because of its affordability. Also, it provides a good and secure smartphone service for its users at very low prices, and an Android smartphone is the best-selling smartphone globally. 

Here we will discuss what exactly is android programming. Android is an OS based on the Linux kernel, generated by Google. Linux is an open-source and free OS in which Android is developed with several changes. Linux OS is used for desktop and server computers, so Android is particularly intended for smartphones and tablets. The functions and applications you use on computers are also given on mobile, which is Easy to use. 

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History Of Android Programming Language

Android was propelled in 2003 on Android inc. Andy Rubin founded it, but later Google purchased it in 2005, and Andy Rubin became the head of Android OS development. Google found Android a very interesting idea with the help of building a powerful and free OS. Android was started in January 2007, and the Android OS was stated as well. In 2008, HTC Dream was propelled in the market, that was the first phone which was started with Android OS. After that, different Android versions were launched with the Android operating system. Andy Rubin left Google After Android became popular in 2013 for one of his projects, and Sundar Pichai became the head. 

Features Of Android Programming Language 

Android has become one of the best platforms, and the reason which makes it best is its features, which are better than other platforms. Below we have mentioned some of the features: 

  • User Interface: Android’s programming language gives a rich and intuitive interface, and that is very simple to use. A person who hasn’t used a smartphone can operate it easily. 
  • Multiple language support: Different languages support Android programming language. It’s up to you which language you are comfortable with. You can pick your preferred language and use it. 
  • Multitasking: This is another best feature of the Android programming language. You can perform multiple tasks at once. Like you are browsing something on google simultaneously, you can listen to songs, or if you want to download anything, you can do that also.
  • Connectivity: If we talk about Android programming language connectivity, it has 4G, 3G, Wifi, hotspot, BlueTooth, CDMA, etc. so that you can connect to other networks easily.
  • Application: In Android, you can download different applications of your choice. In the Android OS, a default app is given called Google Play Store where you can download different applications. Most of them are completely free. You can download countless apps from Google Play Store. The unique thing about the Android OS is that it is a free operating system; i.e., it can be utilized on several smartphones. 

Different Programming Languages ​​Used To Create Apps In Android Programming Language

  • Java: This is one of the best programming languages for Android programming. If one wants to make any Android application, then Java is a highly preferred language. With the help of the Java language, one can create non-game applications. Java is an OOP language with the help of which developers can create Android applications in Android Studio.
  • Kotlin: Kotlin is a new and another programming language used for Android applications. We run kotlin in a JVM(Java virtual machine) to make Android applications. It’s also fully interoperable with Java and doesn’t make any slowdown. Kotlin needs less boilerplate code.
  • C++: We use C ++ programming to make gaming applications. As we know that C ++ is not an easy language, so it is done by only experts. With the help of Java NDK, Android Studio easily supports C ++.
  • Java Script: If you understand how to build creative website pages, at that point, you can practice this information with Phone-Gap to create a progressively crucial cross-stage application.

There are many other programming languages used to create applications in Android like C sharp, but above mentioned are the most preferred languages.


We have explained about top programming languages used for creating an android application. Android is used by most users these days; that is why it is available at a reasonable price. This article described the Android programming language, its features, and the different programming language used for creating Android applications. 

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