Amazing Tips On Maintaining And Cleaning Granite Floors And Countertops

Do you have granite floorings in your home? If yes, you can find valuable information on the maintenance and cleaning of the granite floorings in this article. The granite floorings in the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway look elegant. Many people prefer granite floorings because of its excellent heat resistance and heavy wear & tear properties. The granite floorings are more durable than any other type of floorings. However, maintain the gloss and physical appearance is a challenging job.

Here I’m sharing some tricks on how to maintain the granite floorings. Contact AJH Cleaning to get affordable home, building, and office cleaning services at your doorstep.

Useful tips for cleaning granite floors and countertops:

  1. Use a dry mop or vacuum to remove dust and debris from the granite floor. Use a gentle mop and do not scrub it harshly.
  2. Use mild cleaning agents. Read the prescription and detail before buying any specific detergent for cleaning granite floorings. It is better to use the recommended cleaning agents. The professional floor cleaning services start from a proper examination of the area to use the right product to ensure safety.
  3. Use a paper towel or microfiber cloth to clean spills. Clean out all spills immediately. Clean the spills with simple water. If necessary, use mild cleaning agents or soaps. Make a paste of ¼ cupof baking soda &3 cups of water and leave it on the surface overnight. Believe me it is a magical remedy!
  4. For light-colored granite countertops or floorings, you can use hydrogen peroxide or acetone to get a clear surface in no time. If you do not have sufficient time for regular cleaning, get reliable floor cleaning services to save time.
  5. Rough sponges and scrubbers are not recommended because they leave permanent scratches and decrease the durability of the granite floor.
  6. Use the above-mentioned baking soda and water mixture to polish the granite floor. Wipe out the surface with a clean piece of paper and you will get a polished floor instantly. Likewise, mix 1 cup of rubbing alcohol, 3 cups of water, and add 2-3 drops of soap to adjust its pH. It is a secret remedy to polish granite floor. However, it is always better to get professional granite and marble floor polishing services in Dubai to achieve better results with ultra-efficient instruments.

If you have granite floors in high-traffic areas, follow a regular cleaning routine. On other hand, follow this routine at least 2-3 times a day to maintain a healthy internal environment. It is recommended to get granite floor deep cleaning and marble floor polishing services at least once a year to increase the durability of the floor.

Besides this regular cleaning, perform regular checks to see if there are any cracks or chips on the floor. You can use a sealant to seal all cracks. However, it is better to hire some experts to professionally seal all cracks and chips with efficiency.

If you are looking for after construction cleaning services in Dubai, hire expert cleaners from AJH Cleaning to get peace of mind.

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