Adobe introduces new solutions to enhance the eCommerce experience for Adobe Commerce merchants.

We are living in the era of technology and the digital world. The present generation is quite aware of what the digital world means, but the pandemic brought the digital world closer to the people.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought everything like shopping, entertainment, business, jobs, etc., to home. People connected and the rest of the world through the internet during this pandemic.

Researches have also shown that the e-commerce world has shown a drastic rise during the pandemic, which was never seen before. The acceleration in e-commerce has been recorded to be around $183 billion in the United States.

As the coronavirus continued to spread, so did the e-commerce world showed a considerable rise. In 2020 leading companies introduced digitalization to their business. Whether you are a B2B brand or a B2C brand, the idea of each brand has been visioned by providing a better shopping experience and shopping platform.

Digital competition has also risen during this pandemic, and that is why a summit was held. At the conference, Adobe Commerce which is powered by Magneto and this has helped in creating experiences for our next-generation technology.

  • Al-powered live search

Magneto Commerce extended the intelligence of features like Product Recommendations and Live Search. Experts have shared their experience and process of working that helps keep the proper control over the business and ultimately lead to the business’s growth.

If we talk about online shopping, which is quite common these days, the customers look for easy-to-find or search products. A quick view of products is something that the customers demand. If the customers are directed to their relevant searches, this could prove advantageous to the merchants.

The Adobe Commerce merchants can now use the Al-powered site search considering the above point. This helps the merchants understand the relevant searches done by the customers, which finally allows them to upgrade their storefront.

The Adobe Commerce merchants will be able to integrate the Live search after they download the Magneto marketplace. Also, the Adobe Commerce merchants would be able to take up the new B2B product recommendations by the second half of 2021.

  • Adobe signature

The e-signature is also a new concept that has been introduced by Adobe commerce because the marketplace shifted to the digital platform during this pandemic. It has also been recorded that Adobe Sign has shown a growth of 200 percent during this one year of pandemic.

For variousAdobe Commerce merchants, it is easy to integrate the Adobe sign into their storefront. They can do it by downloading the extension in the Magneto Marketplace by Adobe.

  • Product recommendation capabilities

This is also a new feature introduced by Adobe commerce. Using this, the customers quickly get the recommendation for the right product. Customer data and insights contribute to advising the customer. These recommendations are not just provided to B2C but are also offered to B2B.

All the above-explained points have offered a new experience to the customers. These enhancements by Adobe commerce have helped solve several digital issues keeping in mind the customer experiences.

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