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A Woman’s Guide to Wearing T-shirts

How to choose the right t-shirt for women

It is essential to realize though wearing ladies’ t-shirts are comfortable and fun but, they are generally considered as a reamed out option for any woman’s wardrobe. To fight negative implication with a T-shirt, you should make it sure that they are properly wearing and matching their t-shirts. The followings are some essential tips for you to decide the best t-shirts,

Fit and Styles

Women’s t-shirts vary drastically in style and cut in such a way that there are no précised names available for every single fit and style. So while choosing a ladies t-shirt suitable for you, one must consider that a t-shirt will look decent only if the fit of that garment is appropriate for the particular individual.

The thing to accept first and foremost is a tee is for a casual look always compared to a dress. So while considering t-shirts for women, you shouldn’t try hard to appear extremely fancy. T-shirts are always chosen to look relaxed and casual. This should be the theme while deciding on a t-shirt for any event.

A few things should be considered before purchasing a ladies’ t-shirt: type of her body, the features she is confident about exposing, and the message she is trying to send.

  • Body Type: Be truthful and acknowledge your body type. Do not ever think about any convention for beauty one must abide by. Find what perfectly suits you and use the same for your ultimate comfort.
  • Confident Exposure: Ladies’ t-shirts are available in such a wide array of cuts that you can surely choose something that will appreciate the area of your body that you are most comfortable with to expose. For example, if you enjoy the looks of the arms, you can choose one with shorter sleeves than average.
  • The message you are sending: No matter what style of women’s t-shirt you choose, the logo and design determine the message you want to send. A woman wearing a printed ladies t-shirt with a sports logo will be judged differently than someone with a cartoon on her t-shirt.

Choice of color

The simple rule for selecting colour is lighter ones highlight while darker ones obscure. In case you are worried about the looks of the upper part of your body, then it’s better to choose dark colours like black, brown, or navy.  On the other hand, if you want to show off, you may choose light colours like orange, yellow or, red.

Once you have chosen the spectrum of colours, you can decide now what colours work best for you. Always consider the colour of your eye, hair, and skin while selecting the best suitable colour for you.

Try holding t-shirts of various colours on you in front of the mirror. Trust your initial reaction; it is always going to be right. This is a helpful way to find which colour does the proper justice to your skin tone and stick with it.

For women, it is often best to use the brighter colour of her t-shirt as the highlighted accessory of her outfit. A brightly colour pair of shoes or a purse can change a ladies’ t-shirt from casual to slightly fancy.


It is tough to highlight any particular trend in the case of women’s t-shirt acknowledging the ever-changing trends of the fashion world. The information provided in this article can be applied to any tee though; it depends on the current trends how a t-shirt should be worn.

Today, full sleeve t-shirt for women might be at the pick of trend whereas next week maybe baggy T-shirts will take the youth by storm. Then you might see that no women are choosing full sleeve t-shirt anymore for the time being.

Remember always the number one reason for wearing a women’s t-shirt is to feel comfortable and look casual. If your t-shirt does not provide that, you must reconsider what you are wearing.

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