A Best Desert Safari Abu Dhabi-Features Of Visiting Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

We will at that point drive down to Abu Dhabi Desert Safari. You will admire this drive through the wide streets where inventiveness, energy, and appeal is covered up with a beautiful view. Our master Safari drivers and the experienced local escort will clarify the focal points of every fascination you will visit, assisting you with benefiting as much as possible from your visit in the best manner. 

Features to Visit Abu Dhabi Desert  

This visit features numerous fascinating activities that will remain as best lifetime recollections. A desert safari includes the camel safari and 4×4 dune bashing.

  • Enjoy the evening desert safari with BBQ buffet dinner
  • Take an energizing quad biking and sandboarding on the red dunes
  • Enjoy Tanoura dance show, fire show, and the belly dance show in the overnight desert safari trip
  • In desert safari trip, there are henna painting tattoos for girls hand & feet
  • In the sunset evening, you can enjoy the photography session with Arabian costumes

Desert safari Abu Dhabi 

As indicated by your desert safari Abu Dhabi tour, you can go through the luxury vehicle in the evening, morning, or night desert safari Abu Dhabi meeting as per your advantage. We will pick you from the standard transport area for desert safari Abu Dhabi. You will like a great and exciting drive in a cooled vacationer transport with light rewards. Soak yourself in the amazing of our desert safari as you experience the gloriousness of the desert. 

When you reached the desert, bounce into an extravagance all-wheel-drive Land cruiser. Your driver will drive the vehicle and know well how to handle the vehicle on the sand. Abu Dhabi Hill climbing is the most favorite for adults and youngsters. It is wonderful and engaging as it is stacked up with experience and uniqueness. People who love dune bashing going 4×4 romping will unquestionably appreciate this movement. 

Dune bashing with 4×4 vehicle

In the wake of getting a charge out of a 45 minutes dune bashing, begins the following occasion of your desert safari Abu Dhabi offers, sandboarding. The slope structures of the sand slopes make them an ideal arena for outrageous sandboarding. 

Thrilling Sandboarding

You should check out your guide, who will uncover to you how to perform sandboarding. At the point when readied, just musically move over the edges. Quad trekking office is moreover open, anyway at an additional cost. The Dubai city tour from Abu Dhabi deal is for those who want to stay in Abu Dhabi and visit Dubai city. 

At the point when you are done with sandboarding or quad trekking, we will move to the Arabic camp. 

Camel Riding

A camel ride is ancient you as a piece of your Camel Ride Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Visit. Investigating the desert when riding a camel, getting a charge out of the cool desert breeze is an unprecedented undertaking. In the wake of riding the camel, you can display certain photos with birds of prey. 

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