7 Tips to Ace an Interview with Your Communication Skills

The professional world is not as easy as requesting someone, “Please write my essay“. You will have to be your savior when in an interview. On that note, here are seven ways to become a better communicator.

  1. Appear upbeat and approachable

You must seem amiable enough to builda positive relationship with everyone around you. Simply asking the interviewer how his or her day was will help you come off as a compassionate and warm person.The right body language and facial expressions will also go a long way.

  • Practice active listening and be observant

When attending an interview, be an attentive listener. In this context, remember that to “listen” is not similar to “hear”. You must focus on what the person across you is asking you or telling you. Be quiet and observant. This will also help you provide relevant and focused answers.

  • Focus on non-verbal communication

You can understand a great deal about a person without saying a word! When the interviewer speaks, nod your head in approval to show that you are actively listening to the person. Sit straight and do not slouch, and give a firm handshake.

  • Find a way to connect

To make it a meaningful two-way discussion, master the art of small talk. This will also help you fill in those awkward silences as you sit in the chair while the recruiting panel reads through something. However, do not be intrusive or annoying. Your aim should be to create an emotional connection.

  • Learn to speak in public

Public speaking can help you combat anxiety and improve your daily communication skills. It will also make you more professional and articulate. Make sure you speak clearly andconnect with the audience. You can check out Ted Talks videos to see how some of the best speakers do it.

  • Think, filter, and speak up

Instead of saying the first thing that comes to your mind, analyse the meaning of what you’re saying and how it will be received. That said, don’t overthink the situation and miss the train altogether. Refrain from answering in uninvited situations. Filter your answers to make them professional.

  • Written communication matters

Digital etiquette is as important as your soft skills. When replying to or inquiring about a job offer, start the message with a respectful greeting. Do not forget to include a crystal-clear subject line. Keep the emails short and to the point. Avoid writing in ALL CAPS or using abbreviations.

Follow these seven tips to get better at communication and leave the interview with an impressed recruiting panel.


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