5 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Dublin Driving Lessons

Driving is an important life skill that gets better with time. Learn to drive can be an exciting and adventurous experience especially for the new learners. Driving lessons can make you a good driver behind the wheel equipped with good driving tool and tricks. These driving practices learned from the professional driving institutes are important for your safety. Therefore, choosing the driving lessons is important particularly for the new learners. One can find several driving schools that are operating locally. For instance, in Dublin driving lessons by Just Drive Ireland are available as different learning packages. The choice of driving lessons totally depends upon the learning requirements of a person as well as the grip over driving.

Cost of driving lessons

The cost of driving lessons is highly variable and depends upon many factors. The cost of driving lessons depends upon several factors. The average cost of driving lessons in Dublin ranges from €300- €400. Different driving schools offer different packages. However, the cost of driving lessons depends on the following factors:

1- The cost of driving lessons typically depends upon the of driving lessons. The more driving lessons you need, it will cost more and vice versa.

2- The second factor that determines the cost of driving lessons is the instructor’s experiences and accreditation. An experienced or a category instructor will cost more while in contrast, a less experienced person can provide the same lesson at lower costs.

3- The vehicle that they’re using to teach the driving also determines the cost of driving lessons.

How to reduce the driving lessons cost?

Several factors can contribute to the higher costs of driving lessons. But many ways can reduce the cost of these driving lessons. Some of these ways are:

1- Register online

One of the best ways to reduce the costs of a driving lesson is to choose provincial lessons online rather than doing it via post. This is relatively cheaper as well as it can save you from the postal and photography costs.

2- Car insurance

If you are learning to drive on your own vehicle, you need to spend money on car insurance. You can choose the economical car insurance plan to reduce your overall learning cost.

3- Approach instructor

Anther common way of minimizing the driving lessons cost is to approaching the instructor directly. In comparison if you choose are choosing the instructor through some driving school it will increase your cost of driving lessons. Because the institutions always keep their margin when you approach an instructor through them. So, you should get referrals and hire the instructor directly.

4- Bulk buying

You may need a variable number of driving lessons based on your requirements. However, rather than buying one or two lessons at once, you can go for bulk buying. Because most of the institutes offer special discounts on bulk buying. Moreover, you can also get the lessons during some particular seasons. For example, many schools offer discounts on Christmas buying or offer special discounts on New Year’s sale.

5- Two-hour lessons

Mostly institutions offer driving lessons as one- or two-hour lessons. The cost of two-hour lessons is lower than double the cost of the one-hour lesson. It means that you are getting the same services at less price. Besides this, two-hour lessons are also important from many other aspects.

6- Taking the theory test early

You can get the theory and practical test at different times. However, if you appear in your theory exam before you actually start learning to drive, you can surely spend time doing practice. This can reduce your number of lessons required thus, automatically reducing the driving lessons cost.


Driving lessons are a good way of getting command over a life-long skill. However, the choice of driving instructor can make your experience best or worst. However, if you are looking for the best driving lessons, you can choose from Just Drive Ireland.

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