5 Reasons Why Abortion May Be Necessary

Abortion may be necessary and there may be many reasons for it. Most reasons are relative, and what is valid in one situation may not be acceptable in other parts of the world. For example, the concept of abortion in the United States or Europe would not be as much of an acceptable norm as the practice in Asia.

Here are 5 common reasons for abortion.

 Unplanned pregnancy

Many couples are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, so they opt for a medical termination of pregnancy. This type of medical abortion is performed in the first trimester of pregnancy and is relatively risk-free and allows the pregnant woman to use abortifacients.

Medical reasons

Termination of pregnancy for medical reasons can be a painful experience. The pregnant woman will become attached to the fetus and she will find it difficult to cope with the situation. It will be very stressful, but since it is a medical reason, there is no other option. The medical reasons could be that the pregnant woman’s life is in danger, the fetus is defective, complications related to the delivery, etc.

Pregnancy as a result of rape or incestuous relationship

In many countries, such pregnancies are legally allowed to be terminated. Considering the social implications and physical health, this type of pregnancy may be allowed to be terminated even at a late stage. 4.

Teenage pregnancy

Teenage pregnancy is a common reason for abortion. Most of the girls who become pregnant are underage and, therefore, girls choose to have an abortion. This type of pregnancy is noted primarily among high school and college girls. When teenage girls engage in unprotected sex, which can lead to unwanted pregnancies, they choose Abortion pills in Dubai online.

Economic incapacity

Lack of financial means is one of the main reasons for medical termination of pregnancy. Many young mothers-to-be do not have sufficient resources to manage the associated labor expenses and the costs of raising a child. Most of these types of mothers are single mothers who do not have any source of support or income. It is important to provide proper care for both the mother and the fetus during pregnancy. Failure to provide proper care may later lead to health related problems for both the mother and the child.

These are some of the reasons for abortion, but there may be more. Some mothers will say, I don’t want to have another child and I am happy with the one I have now.

Some mothers want to terminate a pregnancy because it was caused by an extramarital affair. She may go for an abortion to protect her social status. In some cases, the husband or other family members insist on an abortion. In the past, abortion methods taken by pregnant women at home were risky. Today, expectant mothers can have clinical facilities and risk-free abortions.

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