5 Most Important Home Appliance For A New Indian Homeowner

The constant speed of modern living with its uncertainty and challenges has resulted in many conveniences and small delights developed by men of science, business, and faith who put their minds to it. Technological advances and our aptitude for building on established ideas have led to inventions that have shaped our society and our way of thinking. It is also remarkable how widely available these technologies are, making them important creature comforts available to a huge number of people worldwide.

These inventions make our lives comfortable and become a very important part of our lives. However, it is not just the factor of comfort that plays an important role here but the efficiency they bestow in our lives. The inventions which play an important part in our fast-paced yet comfortable life form a long list; however, 5 home appliances just can’t be left out when you are moving into a new house in India. They include:

  • Refrigerators: India being a tropical country, has a very hot and humid climate. Even if you are in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent, which is famed for its mountains and cool climate, summers can be hot enough to make you reach out for a cold bottle of water. But you will get that cold bottle of water only if you have a refrigerator, to begin with, in your home. Refrigerators have become a top priority in the list of home appliances because, due to the weather, the refrigerator provides cold water for comfort and prevents food from getting bad very rapidly. If you are going for refrigerators, it’s recommended that you prefer refrigerators with inverter technology.   

  • Washing Machine: Following refrigerators, washing machines are the second most important among the large home appliances in an Indian household today. The tropical climate of the Indian subcontinent requires a very strict cleanliness and hygiene routine, in the absence of which the hot and humid environment leads to various infections, which may be both internal or surficial. This makes the requirement of clean clothes paramount. It is just not possible to wash clothes the old-fashioned way with our fast-paced lives, and getting the clothes cleaned professionally would put a huge dent in our monthly budgets.
  • Air conditioners: The third appliance that becomes necessary in Indian weather conditions is an air conditioner. The air conditioner provides relief from the stuffy tropical weather. Air coolers are also used but leaving the 40-45 days of dry summer in India, they are becoming redundant due to increasing humidity. Instead, they even further deteriorate the humidity scenario. In short, the air coolers are somewhat inefficient for about 3-4 months of the Indian summer. 
  • Water Heaters: Water Heaters are another very important appliance for an Indian household. They have become more valuable in the northern parts of India, where winters are as harsh as summers. These devices provide the comfort of a shower, bath, and hot water requirement for other important activities that would have been very difficult otherwise.  

It is highly recommended to prefer a brand when you are shopping for these appliances. There are various brands like Candy, Phillips, etc., from where you can choose the best home appliances as per your requirements and equip your house.    

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