5 First Timer Mistakes While Living in a Hostel or PG in Chennai

Chennai – home to some of the country’s best colleges, a start-up hub, and a city where tradition and innovation collide in new and exciting ways. That’s where you’re headed, to kickstart your future and begin a life of independence. And even as you run your first Google search- PG near me – you’re already dreaming of a world of vibrancy and freedom.

Well, you can definitely expect all of that and more from the city of Chennai but living in a hostel or a PG is more of an exercise in trial and error. You see, there are certain things about PG life that you can learn only through experience. And that’s why first-timers tend to make some mistakes. Which is why we thought we’d lend a helping hand. To help you avoid any awkward faux pas or inconveniences, we’ve come with a list of mistakes that first timers tend to make while living in a PG in Chennai.

Underestimating the heat

Yes, it really is that hot in Chennai. And if you have an air conditioner in your hostel room, you’re probably in a good place. But if not, you need to have a bunch of hostel life hacks ready to cool yourself down. Don’t forget to keep a water bottle handy at all times and layer on the sunscreen before you step out. Trust us, you’ll be glad you kept this in mind once you land in Chennai.

Skipping the fruit at breakfast

PG food isn’t the most celebrated cuisine in the world. And we understand that. But there’s one mistake that most PG and hostel residents make that’s completely not understandable. And that’s skipping the fruit that’s served at breakfast. Most hostels and PGs will offer you a whole fruit that you can take with you along with their breakfast fare. So, instead of saying no, take it with you. You’re already paying for it as part of your rent, and by keeping it in your bag, you’ll have a healthy snack that you can count on whenever you’re hungry.

Borrowing without asking

Of course, hostel life is all about sharing your space with others around you. But that doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all. Don’t borrow or use things that belong to others without asking for their permission. We all come from different backgrounds and lifestyles and there will be things that some people are cool with sharing while others are not. So, don’t go snooping through your roommate’s things or take your neighbour’s umbrella unless you have their permission.

Leaving valuables lying around

If you’re living in one of the hostels in OMR, you have to be a little bit smart about taking care of your possessions. If you leave cash, expensive electronics or other valuables lying around the hostel, chances are that you’ll never see them again. And in a building with so many people, it’ll be impossible to find the culprit. So, make sure that you keep the valuables in your cupboard under lock and key. That way, even if you leave your room for a while, you won’t have to worry about anything happening to your belongings.

Not cleaning up after yourself

It’s not your own house, it’s a space that you share with your roommates and co-residents. So, when you live in a hostel or PG, it’s super important to clean up after yourself. Don’t leave unwashed dishes or dirty laundry strewn all over your room. If you share spaces with your roommate, make sure you stick to your side so that you don’t inconvenience them. When it comes to common areas like washrooms and dining halls, a good rule of thumb is to leave the places as clean as you’d like to find them. So, make sure that you’re staying as tidy as possible.

These are the mistakes that you should definitely avoid while living in a hostel or PG in Chennai. Keep them in mind, and you’re sure to have a fabulous start.

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