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Wedding transportation is often considered and marked as one of the dreadful tasks in a wedding to-do list. You know and want to make a grander entrance, but does not seem to have a suitable answer. Whether you want to keep up with the tradition and want a trip to a vintage wedding car or prefer a stylish mode of transport to improve the wedding photographs. No matter what wedding car hire Scotland can undoubtedly make your wedding day extra special. Have a look at some of the best transportation alternatives that are sure to wow your guests.


The couple often has an idea about hiring the helicopter at their wedding as something fantasy or advertisement on the covers of luxury magazines. Another factor associated with it that it would be costly and exceed your budget limitations. However, the reality is different, and it is more affordable than one might believe and also have some popular options provided by the transport company. When you hire a helicopter service, you need to make sure you have written permission from the owners for your departure and landing. This option will surely impress your guests and will get imprint in their minds.

Iconic Replicas

Usually, the idea of traditional wedding car hire Scotland transportation is an outdated one. On the contrary, the option of getting a personalised theme is becoming popular among couples. Special days ought to make special memories that are cherished for years to come. A lot of couples prefer to have their memories developed in a tangible form. And in this case, iconic replica cars are the best way to do so. Various transportation company provides the most popular cars in this field. The grooms mostly favour these for its uncanny appeal and state of the art sound system. 

Wedding Car Hire Scotland

Vintage or Classic Cars

With the increase in demand of having vintage theme weddings, the demand for classic wedding cars has also soared. The vintage cars provide the perfect opportunity for the couples to have a royal, memorable and unforgettable transportation experience on their  big day. Rolls Royce Phantom is one of the most iconic cars. And is easily identifiable because of its sleek curves and splendid appearance. Everything about these cars portrays historical era from the steering wheel, sumptuous interior to lights. If you want to have a truly memorable and great experience, then this is surely a great option.

Private Jet

Although it is not possible to arrive at your wedding venue in a private jet, however, it certainly adds a lot of sparkle and glamour to your big special day. Whether you are considering this option for your honeymoon or just to have the best experience of your life, a private jet is an ultimate option for you. This option is more suitable for couples who can easily afford it. A great tip to avoid disappointment is when you consider booking a private jet, make sure you have inquiries well in advance.

Final Thoughts!

If you are looking for great wedding transportation options, then get in touch with Phantom Hire. They are in this field for 15 years and possess a great collection of immaculate wedding cars. The collection includes the categories of vintage, classic, sports and modern cars. Ask for any type of assistance from them, and they are sure to guide you.

Their chauffeurs are trained and liveried and will take the couples to their wedding venue and reception smoothly. Their driving skills are perfect and won’t cause any inconvenience, like bumps and jolts that can spoil the mood of the couples. Visit their website for more information or call them, and they will provide a prompt response. 

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