3 Reasons Why Air Quality Should be a Priority for Any Office

Air quality is something not all businesses care about and that’s a shame. In many cases, they either don’t think it’s important or will only do something when they’re forced to. But they don’t realize how much of an impact air quality can have on their business. Not only can it impact the health of their employees, but it can have a direct impact on their bottom line. Let’s take a look at why air quality in offices should be a priority, now more than ever.

It Limits the Spread of Pathogens

HEPA filters have been shown to be very efficient against the spread of various pathogens, and while they can’t be used as the only protection against them, they have a significant impact on the number of people who could get infected in an office. Coupled with other safety measures, proper air purifications can help contain contaminants and reduce the number of sick days or office shutdowns you may have to force now or in the future.

If contamination is a major issue for you and your current office setup is not optimized to limit it, you should learn more about air purification systems at You should also call a team to evaluate your current system and come up with the best solutions for your particular needs.

It Affects Morale

You may not know this, but air quality can have a direct impact on your employees’ morale. If you’ve had a lot of employees taking mental health days lately or they look sluggish and disengaged, the quality of the air may have something to do with it.

Not only can bad air quality dampen morale, but one study by Columbia University found that poor air quality could be linked to unethical behavior. According to Adam Galinsky, professor of Ethics and Leadership at Columbia’s business school, air pollution can cause stress and anxiety in employees which can push them to act unethically. So, if you want to reduce the chances of theft or neglect in your organization, you might want to look at your air purification system. 

Air Quality Affects Productivity

Not only can air quality affect morale, but it can affect productivity as well. One study in particular found that improving air quality in an office could increase productivity by as much as 11%. Multiple studies have also linked poor cognitive ability with poor air quality, and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody when considering how polluted office environments can be and the effect these pollutants can have on the brain.

Office environments tend to be very high in VOCs, or volatile organic compounds, and there is extensive literature on their effects on cognitive function. Any company that relies on the brains of its employees for performance ought to pay special attention to the levels of pollutants inside its workplace and make the proper corrections.

Air purity is the key to better performance, better health, and an overall better work environment. So, make sure that you put it on the top of the list in your business and constantly work to make it better and better.

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