10 Reasons to Upgrade CCTV Security at Examination Center

With time, the pattern, the execution, and the assessment of exams have changed drastically from what it was a decade earlier. If you are still using the old methods of surveillance, it is time for you to upgrade your CCTV surveillance security for exam security. Even the most high-end surveillance system from the past decade now need an upgrade, your existing one could be close to obsolete.

Enhanced Image Quality 

The advancement in technologies has brought a plethora of features that were earlier tough to find in a surveillance system. The new age CCTV’s now provide enhanced image quality in the better resolution that helps the concerned authority in better surveillance and monitoring.

Prevent Downtime 

With old surveillance systems, one of the major issues test centers faced was that of a power outage and major downtime. It affected the overall accountability of not only the center but also required more man-hours and labor to fix the outage and return to the usual functionality in a time-bound manner.

More Storage Capacity 

Test centers earlier didn’t just spend money on buying, setting up and maintaining huge surveillance setups, major time, and went into setting up a system for storing the recorded surveillance videos. Now with improved technologies, the CCTV rental services come with built in features and have high storage capacity.

Quality Control and Management 

Remote access to recorded files was one major issue that most of the test centers faced earlier. Now the advanced CCTV surveillance systems can be accessed remotely across various devices. This in turn helps maintain the quality controls and check on the system through a centralized unit.


Scalability is one of the major concerns of the examination industry due to the vast expanse. Usually, centers start with 10 to 20 cameras as the numbers increase the scalability becomes tough for the ones managing the system. With higher bandwidth, backups the advanced CCTV systems now make scalability easy and free from any kind of disruptions.


The system for integration was one of the major concerns earlier, now other applications can easily be integrated with the new surveillance system. Such integrations can help not only control access over CCTV and its functionality, but it can also be integrated to cover various subjects such as controlling gates and barriers, signing in and out of the exam centers, etc.

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Secure Transmission

The new CCTV surveillance systems now come with a fine and secure system that facilitates secure transmission leaving very little scope for errors. The transmissions are through a secure system that prevents any chances of hacking. Intercepting signals on such a high and advanced system is now tougher than ever before.

No Messy Installation 

CCTV does not matter how clear a picture they provide is absolutely of no use if the entire system can be snapped by just cutting the cables. CCTV units can now be easily be installed and are available in compact packages. No more messy wires, to keep you worried. The new-age systems might not even be evident if not focused on.

Future Proof 

One of the major reasons to upgrade your CCTV is that it will be a wise future investment on your end. Upgrading to the new surveillance system can keep you stress-free, at least for a decade. With the new technologies already integrated into the surveillance system, the installation will keep your worries away and will control your costs for times to come. Even if you want to continue with your analog system, one technical glitch and you won’t be able to find the required parts and equipment t to make it work.

Less Complication 

CCTV installation was earlier considered a hectic task. Starting from purchase to installation to setup. some bigger set of problems came after this, they were with respect to the functionality of the camera, the basic image, and video quality, the presence of technical glitches that were often considered to be giving a lot of worries. Getting these errors rectified was another major task at hand. The CCTV surveillance systems now have gotten away with these complications. The systems are now equipped with better technologies to help you not have any complications in the first case. 

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