10 Common School Admission Mistakes that You Should Avoid

Many parents prefer international schools for their children as they offer all-round education to each and every student enrolled at the school. But the ever-growing number of such schools in your city, it can make choosing the best one for your child a tad difficult. 

The pressure of selecting the right school among these varying options can be overwhelming and lead to mistakes. So, ensure that you avoid the common pitfalls when seeking the right school in Hadapsar, Pune for your child.

Common mistakes to avoid during the school admission process

To help parents, we have classified the mistakes into three broad categories:

When choosing the school:

  1. Only focusing on the brand name of the school: Every city has its share of top schools. Getting your child admission in such a school may feel like the best decision. They are usually known as ‘number one’ schools in the general public consensus. But, it might not be the right for your child. These schools might have built a strong brand name for themselves. But it could fail to nurture the individual traits of your child. So, conduct an in-depth assessment of the school, its curriculum, faculty, core values, etc., to know if that’s the place to build the correct foundation for your child.
  2. Not taking a school survey: Visiting the school only once might not be sufficient, as your decision shouldn’t be based upon limited information. Your first impression might be the best, but it can be misleading too. Visiting a school multiple times will help you understand the actual ambience and quality of the institution. Finding the right school takes effort and time due to its extensive application process and research work. Be careful and thorough while scanning through the schools’ portfolio.
  3. Focusing only on academics: Children of the future need a holistic and well-rounded education. To succeed, they need to have strong people skills, know how to maintain relations, and develop strong professional and personal networks. In other words, EQ (Emotional Quotient) takes precedence over IQ (Intelligence Quotient). So, choose a school with a holistic programme that focuses not only on moulding students academically but also in nurturing their personality.
  4. Forgetting to Ask Around: Enquire about the best CBSE school in Pune among other parents, online communities and look for the school’s reviews. Ask questions like how the school supports the children academically, emotionally and socially before finalising one. Read online reviews, get in touch with parents of existing students and decide accordingly. Ask other parents about the level of engagement allowed by the school in the child’s education. You wouldn’t want to pick a school that keeps you at arm’s length. 

When taking a tour of the school:

  1. Not asking enough questions: A template curriculum and programme might work for some children, but it may not suffice for your child. So, during your tour of the school, ask several questions to the admissions counsellor and faculty. Please inquire about the school’s facilities, student counselling system, sports amenities, and ECA section. Ask about everything that you think that your child may need from school. Do not get intimidated by the school or its setup, it is important to get your doubts cleared. 
  2. Getting swayed by appearances: Some schools might look attractive and clean. However, it is not enough. Check if the school is equipped with quality study materials too. Ask if the teachers are trained with necessary certifications to use all the equipment and adopt the latest teaching methodology to engage their students.
  3. Visualise your child’s progress through different classes: It is essential to remember that the school should have facilities to cater to your child’s requirements through their growth as a student. So, when you judge the school, don’t only focus on the kindergarten programme. Take a tour of the higher grades and visualise your child becoming a part of that environment.

When applying at the school:

  1. Not applying to multiple schools: There is immense competition for admission even at the school level. You must make a list of several schools in Hadapsar, Pune that meet your requirement and apply to each of them. You wouldn’t want your child to miss out on a year!
  2. Not making a timeline: Almost all schools have a particular admission season during the academic year. You must make a timeline by closely following the dates listed on their websites so that you don’t miss out on submissions and tests.
  3. Double-check the eligibility: Always check twice if your child meets all the school’s eligibility conditions. Ensure that you cut out schools from your list if your child doesn’t meet their requirements. If there is confusion regarding the eligibility, call the school and clarify.

Choosing the right school and going through its extensive application procedure can be difficult. But your goal should be to get your child enrolled in a school which caters to their specific needs and interests.

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