International Schools in Dubai: Decoded for Parents

One of the most challenging tasks you’ll face as a parent is finding the right school for your children. It’s not easy, especially if you’ve just moved to the country or you plan to in a few months, and you’re not quite sure where to look or start. No worries. 

This guide decodes international schools for parents, so you’ll find out how to go about this as efficiently as possible. 

Know Your Children

What are your children like? What kind of learning environment will they thrive in? You’ll want to consider those questions carefully. Some schools have rigid learning environments. If you think your child will benefit from being put in that school, then go ahead. However, if you want a school with more flexibility in its attitude in teaching its students, you’ll need to keep looking with those qualities in mind. 

Check the Programme

What is the school’s curriculum? If you’re moving in from the U.S. or U.K. to Dubai, some schools follow American and British systems. Choosing those schools will make the transition easier for your children as they’ll be familiar with the curriculum. That means fewer hassles when they start to catch up with the rest of their classmates. That’s a good school in Dubai to keep on your shortlist.

Go Over the Admissions 

If you still have time to prepare, then make sure you check the admission requirements and eligibility. Are your children eligible? There’s no use in researching about the school any further if that’s already a no. You’ll need to look elsewhere. 

Review the Age Criteria 

For most international schools, the age of the child is calculated on the 31st of December. That will determine whether your children are eligible for admission or not the schools in Dubai. You’ll need to submit a copy of your children’s passport and residence visa right along with a copy of their birth certificates. However, birth certificates are only needed if the passport doesn’t state your children’s exact date of birth. Your application must also include a passport-sized photograph as well as attested certificates or transfer certificates. 

Understand the Fees Structure

When you pick a school for your child, there’s more to it than simply paying the tuition fees. There are other costs that you’ll need to factor into your decision. For instance, the cost for uniforms and books, miscellaneous add-ons, the school bus service, and other fees. You must understand how all those fees add up. Some of them might be paid every semester, while others are a one-time charge. Some are an annual cost. A clear understanding of the fees will help you come up with the right budget and manage it.

Ask About the Scholarships

An excellent education is expensive. If you’re worried about the financial cost, there are scholarship programs that your children can apply for. They could even qualify for some as soon as they start going to school. Take a look at those educational grants. Go over their eligibility requirements and figure out if some of them might be a good fit for your children. 

Prepare for the Future 

If you and your children are determined to make the most out of the chance of sending them to good international schools, then this is a good time to get them started. International schools value an outstanding track record that shows a student’s well-roundedness. Encourage your children to participate in extracurricular activities early on. That speaks of interest, and if those interests serve to improve your children’s existing talents or help them discover talents they never realized they had, then that will look good on their portfolio when they finally apply for a scholarship. 

Get Ready as Soon as Possible 

You can get ready for the scholarship applications years early. You can also apply that same mindset when you apply to the school. If you want to get your children into the school when they’re in grade 1, then take note of the admission dates. When do you need to send your children’s applications? Stay on top of that schedule. If you miss one, that could mean a lost opportunity for your children. A scholarship is a great way to reduce your school fees in Dubai

Study the Academic Calendar 

This is a good source of information. It tells you all about the major exams as well as events coming up. Your children will need to prepare for those events.

Some children do better when they talk about the lesson. If you’re there to be their review buddy, then your children stand a much better chance of getting good grades. By checking out the academic calendar, you can also make your own arrangements. You can fix your schedule so you’ll have more than enough time to be available for your children. 

These criteria can help you decide which school in Dubai is best for your child.

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