Why does carpet cleaning need to be eco-friendly and water-saving? (Methods and reasons)

Why does carpet cleaning need to be eco-friendly and water-saving? (Methods and reasons)

Carpet cleaning is one of those cleaning activities that require a lot of chemicals spray and water. Despite the introduction of dry carpet cleaning, people often opt for wet carpet cleaning owing to the harsh chemical sprays used in dry carpet cleaning. Wet carpet cleaning or most of the carpet cleaning methods need gallons of water and unfortunately, water once used can’t be utilized again for any other purpose until and unless it is cleaned and restored to its original form. Therefore, many carpet cleaning companies are offering eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Georgia and water restoration damage services in Fulton County.

Before diving into why we need to follow eco-friendly and water-efficient carpet cleaning methods, you must first know the type of carpet cleaning methods.

5 ways that carpet cleaning companies use to clean your carpet

1.   Steam carpet cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning otherwise known as hot water extraction cleaning is one of the widely used methods of carpet cleaning. In this method, detergent is sprayed on the carpet followed by hot water, after that the carpets are steamed and hot water is extracted. The two major drawbacks of this method are- water consumption and drying time.

2.   Encapsulation

In this technique, synthetic detergent is sprayed on the carpet that encapsulates the loose dirt particles, following which the carpet is immediately vacuumed. The synthetic detergents crystallize on drying up, due to this it requires less water and is highly environment friendly.

3.   Carpet Shampooing

Carpet shampooing is one of the ancient methods that has lost its popularity to the encapsulation method. The carpet shampooing method was extremely popular in the 1970s, as the name suggests, the carpet was washed manually using detergents and water. Carpet shampooing is also one of the most flawed methods, because of water wastage, high drying uptime, and even after cleaning carpets had detergent residue left on their surface.

4.   Bonnet Cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is also one of those methods that use a lot of water and chemically infused detergents. This method was widely popular in the 2000s and is even effective for commercial carpet cleaning services. In the bonnet cleaning method, motorized equipment is used with brushes attached to their bae. An operator operates the machinery to first spread the detergent solution ad then later clean it up with water. The major drawback of this method is that it needs heavy machinery and utilizes gallons of water.

5.   Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the outcome of the rapid development in technology, it is the most sought-after method in today’s world. The biggest benefit of dry cleaning is that it does not require water, so water conservation is at its highest. In dry cleaning chemical-based sprays are used that crystallize the dust and wipe off the stains. The crystalize dust and stains are then vacuumed.

The only drawback to this method is that it leaves a strong smell of chemicals and can sometimes be harsh, so you need to ask about the same.


As per the experienced professionals of eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Georgia and water restoration damage services in Fulton County are the best methods of carpet cleaning are smart carpet cleaning and dry carpet cleaning.

Why is there a need to use eco-friendly cleaning services?


Earlier, in the 90s the prime concern of people across the USA while calling professionals for carpet cleaning used to be if the methods are pet friendly and child friendly or not; but in recent times, the products and services being eco-friendly is of more importance.

The reason behind this is simple, the waste is extracted and is discharged into the environment that can contribute to accelerating the pollution, and degrading the environment.


Since we have already over-exploited the environment beyond repair, it only makes sense that we try our best to delay further degradation of the environment. Also, carpet cleaning is one of the primary cleaning activities in the state, one should always hire those professionals who offer eco-friendly carpet cleaning in Georgia.

Why water restoration is a must after carpet cleaning?


Water Scarcity is the scary truth that the world is facing right now, and being of the countries that use the most water it is our responsibility to contribute even more in saving water by reducing, reusing, and restoring the water.


Carpet cleaning utilizes a huge amount of water and that water cannot be utilized again if not restored following the scientific methods. So, it is important that while choosing cleaning services one should also see if the professional offers water restoration damage services or not and if the product used is eco-friendly or not.





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