Why Choose CGI For Furniture Catalogs

The time has gone when a furniture company had to choose traditional photoshoots, which were full of hassles. Many furniture companies have to prepare the furniture catalogs to tell about the product features, how it will look at different places, variety of designs, etc. Furniture catalogs are prepared to induce customers to buy the products. It is very necessary to show the new launches or arrivals or upcoming arrivals.

Furniture is a thing where the customer pays utmost attention because a single piece of furniture can change the whole vibe of the place. So, these days, furniture companies are using CGI technology to prepare catalogs. This technology will give a realistic approach to the catalogs and leaves a long-lasting impression on the customers. CG product catalogs are mostly used for marketing purposes by the companies. With this technology, one can create a simple image into a creative one. Hiring designers or experts can make this process easier, which will take less time and effort. The traditional photo shoot can take lots of time, huge investment in infrastructure, manpower etc. So, it increases the costs of the company and incurs lots of effort and space.

Following are the points to choose CGI over traditional photoshoots for furniture catalogs:

  • Cost-effective- 3D product visualization is very cost-effective as this incurs less cost as there is no requirement of the huge setup of infrastructure, less manpower, and less time. In contrast, CGI does not require infrastructure with good lighting. CGI technology has the capability of transforming a simple product into a magnificent one. You just need to hire a professional or expert to control every single variant over the scene fully. You will get a realistic image just like the real product.
  • Situation marketing- In marketing, marketers need to present the same product in different areas. For example- A couch is shown in the bedroom, office sitting area, drawing room, etc., and how it will complement the area. The 3D visualization experts will create anything from their virtual library of décor.
  • Variety display- We see many products with different colours, sizes, fabrics, patterns, textures, etc. So, CGI technology helps in displaying the variety of products very effortlessly. The designer can create a single product into many variants, which will make it easy for the customers to understand the product. CGI product modelling services helps in easily creating the product efficiently and effectively.
  • 360 product rotation- Not only static but CGI technology also helps in creating 360-degree product rotation. This helps in making a true connection to the customers with the product. They can know about the product from every angle. This will make online shopping more realistic for the customers. For offline shopping, the company can display a 360-degree product video on the company’s website.

So, above are some of the points to choose CGI over traditional photoshoots for furniture catalogs. Undoubtedly, 3D models help in creating wonderful images that will enhance the company’s profile. 

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