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Why Bungalow Homes are Becoming More Popular

The benefits of a bungalow home are many. A bungalow is a single story home and is usually detached from other homes. It has a lot more floor space and is generally cheaper than a house with an upper and lower level.

While affordability is a huge upside of owning a bungalow home, here are a few more reasons you should consider purchasing one.

Great for Downsizing

Those looking to downsize their home tend to flock to the idea of bungalow homes. With less space but still plenty of room to live in day to day, many tend to leave their current cramped apartments for a bit more elbow room.

These homes are more compact yet efficient than traditional houses. They are the perfect size for both single-family or multi-family homes.

More Affordable

Thanks to their smaller sizes, you can expect the costs to match. Not only is there less space to heat, cool, and furnish, they also cost less to build. This causes these homes to be more environmentally friendly which further increases their demand.

Less Maintenance

With bungalow homes, you typically have less outside space as well. Bungalow home owners see less maintenance needed around the home, both inside and outside due to the limited space for gardens or lawns.

Perfect Starter Home

For first time home buyers, bungalow homes should be highly considered. Thanks to their low costs, smaller sizes, and simplicity, these homes are not only easier to afford but easier to maintain. These options are a great way to adapt to home ownership.


One design feature in these homes is the architecture that provides a spacious and open layout. Optimizing the free flow of air throughout the house, in addition to reducing energy costs and increasing comfortability in the home is why many choose this style of home.

Thanks to these homes being very open, you can expect to see a lot of natural light come into the home from all sides which can make the home seem bigger and brighter than a traditional house.


In need of a handicap accessible home? These homes are perfect for just that. Those who need help with mobility or are in need of a simple and open layout such as seniors can find these homes quite beneficial.

If you’re looking for a bungalow to call your home, Memphis houses for sale may have just what you are looking for. With the many benefits bungalow homes hold and the popularity rising, don’t miss your opportunity to have one of your own.

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