What Should Everyone Know About Four-wheeler Insurance?

Purchasing a car entails a lot of responsibilities. Taking care of your four-wheeler consumes a lot of your time and energy. Well, it also takes up your money! So why not spend it wisely and ensure that you make a profitable investment. However, purchasing the right car insurance is not a cakewalk.

It is one of the most daunting tasks you can imagine. There are many things to consider. It becomes all the more complicated if you are not acquainted with the various terminologies. Do not worry. We will walk you through certain things everyone should know while purchasing a four-wheeler insurance policy.

When you purchase four-wheeler insurance online, you can get confused by the range of options, the technical terminologies, and the policy’s features and benefits. Keep all your tensions at bay. There are primarily two types of four wheeler insurance that you should know. Let us take a look at their features:

Comprehensive Policy

When you look for four-wheeler insurance online, you are sure to come across the term’ comprehensive policy. It covers all damages caused to your vehicle in an accident or natural calamity. A comprehensive policy also provides accident coverage to you and the driver. Moreover, it does not exclude third party liability. It maintains legal obligations to the third party.

 Here are the things that a comprehensive car insurance policy will cover.

  • Damages caused by accidents
  • Damages caused by natural calamities and fire
  • Losses due to theft or burglary
  • Damages due to criminal activities

Now, let us take a look at the things it will not cover.

  • Wear and tear of your car
  • If any damage occurs due to a person driving without a license
  • Any damage in the tubes or tires
  • Damages caused by a person driving in an intoxicated state
  • Any damage caused in a foreign country
  • Mechanical or electrical damages

Various companies will offer you a comprehensive policy. Make sure you compare insurance online options before making the purchase.

What is the bonus with a Comprehensive policy?

When you choose a comprehensive car insurance plan, you get the benefit of emergency assistance services. What if your car gets stuck on the road? This policy will provide you assistance in such emergencies. So, the next time you have a technical breakdown, there is no need to worry. The comprehensive policy will have your back.

Third-Party Liability

It is another type of four-wheeler insurance online. It covers all the legal liabilities when your vehicle is involved in an accident. It will cover the damages done to the other vehicle. Moreover, it will also cover the medical expenses of the third party if they are injured. But this policy will not cover any damage caused to your vehicle. The government requires you to have car insurance that covers third party liability.

 Here is what it covers:

  • Legal liabilities in accidents involving third parties
  • Full liability for damages, injuries, and even deaths in the case of the third party
  • Accident benefits for the driver and passengers in your car

Certain things are excluded from policy coverage. You need to read the documents carefully while making the purchase.

What are the benefits of Four-wheeler insurance?

Purchasing four-wheeler insurance online can provide you with a host of different benefits.

  • It covers different risks and legal liabilities. You can say goodbye to all your worries.
  • You get an insured value for your car. The insured value is merely the value of the car decided by the manufacturer. The depreciation is deducted from the original value. However, if you have a zero depreciation cover, the depreciation amount will never be deducted from the market value. The entire amount will be handed over to you when you make the insurance claim.
  • You can get several add ons. Many insurance policies provide some additional benefits. It includes roadside assistance during a breakdown or the facility of hospitalisation during an accident.
  • You can get your car replaced if damaged to an unimaginable extent. If the insurance company finds it challenging to repair your vehicle, they will replace it.


There are several providers in the market offering four-wheeler insurance online. Therefore, it is vital to thoroughly compare and study various service providers and their insurance coverage. Choose the one that suits your needs.

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