What Is The SEIS Scheme?

SEIS is the most well-known tax reduction scheme. SEIS refers to Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme. Yes it actually works like it sounds. We know the economy of a business is the seed of it and this scheme helps that seed to turn into a tree. This scheme is mostly advantageous for companies that are now at the beginning stage. The idea of SEIS Scheme was first conceptualized by George Osborne. If you want to have the benefits of this profitable scheme for your newly launched business, you first have to know about it in detail. So, let’s begin:-

Who is eligible to apply?

Before you submit an application you must know whether you are eligible to apply or not. There are some eligibility criteria that every applicant must meet, such as:

  • The applicant should be a citizen of the UK. Any applications submitted by the people outside Uk won’t be entertained.
  • Applicants should be above 18 years old.
  • applicant should carry a legal licence of his/her business
  • The company shouldn’t have any shareholders. It should be an independent organization.
  • Any companies that have more than 25 staff members working won’t be eligible.
  • The organization should be under a qualifying legal trade.

What businesses can have the benefits of SEIS?

Not every kind of business is eligible to have the benefits of this amazing scheme. There are some particular types of businesses that meet the eligibility criteria of this scheme, such as:

  • Any IT or Software company
  • Biotech companies
  • Film agencies
  • Restaurants, hotels, pubs and clubs
  • Research companies
  • NGOs that we call Non-Profit organization

Necessary documents

To complete the application process successfully you will need some documents to submit, such as:

  • An application letter that explains why you need tax relief and how will you return the amount.
  • A document of your company’s recent account statements.
  • Every document that shows the detail of your business and trading activities.
  • Documents of business deals between you and the investors ( if any available).

Advantages of this Scheme:

There are some common advantages that you can get through this scheme no matter what business you are into.

  • Your company can receive a massive financial grant such as £150,000 
  • There is a chance to claim your invested money above 30%.
  • It assures a major tax reduction such as above 50% tax reduction which is a massive relief for every newly launched business.
  • It speeds up the economic growth of every individual business organization.
  • Let’s run your company without the headache of paying a high amount of tax.

Hope you now got every little detail that you need to know before making a decision. Now it’s your turn to submit the application successfully and wait for the confirmation.

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