What is the difference between cannabis oil and CBD oil?

CBD oil, THC oil, hemp oil, cannabis oil, Green leaves organic CBD oil… These terms are often confused and often confused with one another. That’s a shame because there are big differences! We will be happy to explain what these are!

Cannabis oil, hash oil, and THC oil

Cannabis oil, hash oil, and THC oil are different names for the same product: An oil made from marijuana with a high concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). THC has an intoxicating effect. This oil is often used to get high. Interestingly, oil containing THC is increasingly being prescribed for its medicinal properties. Medical cannabis oil is legal; ordinary hash oil or cannabis oil is not legally available.

Hemp oil

Hemp oil usually means hemp seed oil. One thing must be said very clearly: this oil does not contain any cannabinoids such as TCH or CBD. Hemp oil or hemp seed oil is made from (cold) pressed hemp seeds. The oil is very healthy as it is high in the essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. However, hemp oil is often used in combination with CBD to enhance the beneficial effects and dosage of CBD oil.

CBD oil for regeneration after exercise

Did you know that CBD oil is also a useful nutritional supplement for athletes? Vegan, organic, rich in essential fatty acids, and with a positive effect in many areas of application, CBD oil is also interesting for athletes. More and more athletes are discovering the beneficial effects of CBD oil on rapid regeneration after exercise. Perhaps you have already read in our previous blogs about the areas of application in which CBD oil can have a soothing effect. In this blog, you will learn how you can use CBD oil for sports regeneration.

Cannabis, cannabis seeds, cannabis oil placed on a wooden floor with a green tree  in the background.

Versatile effects of CBD oil

CBD oil has beneficial effects on many health ailments. CBD oil can alleviate the symptoms of insomnia, flu, and hay fever. The active substance in CBD oil, cannabidiol, has a positive influence on the human body in a completely natural way. CBD activates the body’s cannabinoid receptors and naturally promotes the immune system. Our body recognizes the cannabinoid as its own, which means that CBD oil is easily and quickly absorbed.

How to use CBD oil for exercise regeneration

CBD oil can support your body well after exercise. Many athletes like to use CBD oil as a nutritional supplement for regeneration after training. You will come to rest faster and can recover better. Because in addition to the right sports nutrition, relaxation after training is very important for muscle regeneration. CBD helps your body relax and has a calming effect on falling asleep. CBD also has an extremely positive influence on sleep quality. With CBD oil you give your body an additional chance to recover well at night.

CBD oil drops or CBD oil capsules?

Both are equally effective. Which form you choose depends entirely on your personal preference. Drops are taken under the tongue because this is where the body absorbs the CBD the fastest. In drop form, CBD can be dosed very precisely. This allows you to continuously build up your daily dose of cannabidiol until you have found your ideal dose.

The advantage of CBD capsules is the ease of use. The dose of cannabidiol per capsule is relatively high, which means that taking CBD oil takes less time than the drops. You just swallow the capsule immediately and you don’t notice anything of the typical taste of CBD oil. Besides, a container with CBD capsules is easier to transport than a bottle of CBD oil in drop form.

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