What Is The Cost Of Company Setup In Dubai?

Dubai is one of the most popular destinations in the world for business investments and entrepreneurship. The business hub of the Middle East, Dubai – provides business-friendly commercial laws, attracting entrepreneurs and other business aspirants from across the world. With the most efficient global connectivity as well as demographic advantages, this city is the ideal platform to start a business. However, the COST OF SETTING UP A BUSINESS IN DUBAI is an essential criterion which needs to be correctly understood to set up a successful company in Dubai.

BUSINESS SETUP IN DUBAI COST varies concerning time. A precise or fixed rate cannot be provided as the cost depends on various factors such as the jurisdiction opted, the multiple certifications involved, as well as the different business activities and so on.

It is, hence, always advisable and recommended to communicate with a genuine business set up a consultancy with regard to the cost of setting up a business in Dubai. Through such an organisation, the business aspirant can be updated regarding various fluctuations in the judicial prices as well as government services. Such consultancies also familiarise the entrepreneurs regarding the different business charges that are levied at initial stages. Several business advisors help to make this process much efficient and more straightforward.

One of the leading business formation experts, Shuraa Business Setup, has the right solution to all the problems of a budding business aspirant. Shura has successfully registered much more than twenty thousand companies in the UAE. It is the best guiding hand an entrepreneur could ask for. In fact, the entire procedure of company formation has been simplified by the Shuraa Business Setup. Let’s get a peek into Shuraa‘s simplified business world

Business Setup In Dubai Cost

The cost of initiating a business in Dubai varies depending on different areas and business categories – Mainland Business Setup, Free Zone Business Setup, and Offshore Company Formation.

Cost Of Mainland Business Setup

The cost of establishing a company in the mainland Dubai depends on several factors like the business nature and visa permit counts. Let’s look at some of the significant fee structures.

The Government Fees

This includes various legal and official registration charges, enrolments at government division and also trade and exchange permits. These are mandatory fees that can either be yearly or one time expense.

Business Incorporation Cost

The business incorporation charge is a one-time fee which includes various document submissions. It contains compulsory enrolment of new organisations with the ministry of labour and immigration which must be renewed in every two years.

Establishing an LLC

To establish and develop an LLC, a share capital of AED 300,000 would be required. After receiving the trade licence, this can be converted to working capital.

Foreign Branch Office maintenance

To maintain and nurture a Foreign Branch Office in Dubai, certain things must be expanded every year. These are provided below.

  • PRO service cost for trade and exchange licence management
  • The expense for the Ministry of Economy enrolment and registration
  • Fee for annual audit by any local auditor
  • Charge for authorisation of parent organisation
  • Fee for a chamber of commerce enrolment and registration

Cost of Free Zone Business Setup

Setting up a business in Dubai’s free zone region has its own advantages as far as cost is concerned. The expense in a free zone area depends on the business nature and structure along with visa permits.

The average expense to set up a company in Dubai includes the one-time expense for enlisting a company in Dubai, one-time cost for the name reservation, the annual fee for a company or business licence and an annual charge for building visa fee per individual.

Cost of Offshore Company Formation

Offshore company registration and enrolment have an annual fee structure. The fee of registration can vary depending on the jurisdiction opted, and the cost also varies depending on the kind of business activity.

It is mandatory to have a local presence in order to incorporate an offshore company in the city. The company must have a registered address. This registered office fee is payable annually in an offshore company formation.

An offshore company formation also includes maintenance fee and other expenses for standard share capital. It also has an agent fee and must be paid on an annual basis. 

ConclusionWe have traced the cost of setting up a business in Dubai, providing all the business aspirants with an efficient overview regarding the costs related to the query of business formation. We have seen that the prominent factors affecting the cost depend on the company type as well as the company set up jurisdictions. We have also seen how the cost of business setup in Dubai varies in different regions of the city with regards to various business formations.

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