What are the four salient types of drugs?


We live in a society where we see people getting addicted to drugs, and the young youth is becoming all spoiled with the consumption of drugs. In Islam, drugs are taboo and are known very much harmful to people. However, so many individuals have questions about what drugs are, why drugs are dangerous, the effects of drugs, the four types of drugs, and whether consuming drugs is legal or illegal? These are all the questions people want to ask and try to know about the drugs and their effects. Islam has declared the drugs haram, which is harmful to the human body and mind. Moreover, the drugs which prevent you from pain and benefit you are not on the list of haram. In this post, we will cater to all of your queries.

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What are drugs?

Drugs are known as substances that change the person’s physical, mental, and soul state. Consumption of drugs affects very much how your brain functions. How are you feeling and how are you behaving? It controls your ability to understand and sense. This change makes the person risky and dangerous. Especially the youngsters are opting for these drugs, making them vulnerable. The drugs affect differently on the person.

Why are drugs harmful?

All types of drugs are different and affect your body differently. How many drugs will be harmful to you depending on the factors, body type, health, type of drug, and amount of the drug? Substances do not control the drugs that are illegal or haram, so that is the reason drugs vary from batch to batch. Drugs are dangerous to the human body as they have their terms of effectiveness. The effects can cause you physical and mental damage. They bring the worst change to your body. You start to act and behave differently. You are unable to control your emotions and thoughts. There is no safe level of consumption and illegal drugs.

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Four types of drugs

There are now multiple forms of drugs using these variants. There are four major types of drugs that are so strong to affect the human body. These four variants have a remarkable effect on the body. If you are someone who is addicted to these types of drugs, it is tough to come out of the addiction phase or seek help. These are the four types of drugs

  • Stimulants
  • Opioids 
  • Depressants
  • Hallucinogens 

These types of drugs have their side effects on the human body, which are very tough to handle, and they can cause significant loss for the human brain system, kidneys, and liver.

What do you mean by illegal drugs?

Illegal drugs are the form of drugs that are harmful to the human body. Illegal drugs are the type of drugs recognized as intoxicated for the human body and mind. The consumers of illegal drugs are not safe for society and are in contact with impermissible drugs. Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, also said that alcohol is haram, but all types of drugs that are causing human damage are that.

What are legal drugs?

 Legal drugs are kinds of drugs that are useful or helpful to society, the drugs that you intake while in pain or to gain relief from the pain are known as legal drugs. These kinds of drugs are not prohibited in Islam or society.


At last, we all know that the consumption of drugs is very much dangerous for our health, body, mind, and soul. When you are in contact with illegal drugs, you are causing so many problems for you, which is why that kind of drug is haram. These four salient types of drugs are known as illegal drugs as they are not causing any benefit but are a threat to your life.

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