What Are the Different Types of Apartment Which You Can Rent for Student Lettings Birmingham?

Most of the time, people want to have a comfortable place for their studies and other social activities. As you know that this world is the living place of millions of individuals across the globe and that’s why each of them has different demands for the apartment that they want to rent. That’s why they want to hire the best company that will provide them with the best real estate agent so that you will have the best and affordable apartment for yourself. Most of the time, apartments are rented for student lettings Birmingham.

Most of the real estate companies are working here who will find the right home for yourself when you want to rent an apartment or any other home style. The companies have a professional letting agent who will provide you with the best and affordable place for your living and provide you with their best quality services. The company will hire professional persons or agents who are trained and expert in their field.

Skilled and Trained Letting Agents

A letting agent is a facilitator person who will serve as a connection between the tenant and landlord to rent the residential property. This style of letting the property is more common in the UK. An agreement is signed between the tenant and a landlord which is called a tenancy agreement. For sure, a letting agent will charge an amount from you for finding an apartment for you which is usually called his commission of finding the right apartment for you.

A letting agent will work under the umbrella of an Estate Agent and he will guide the letting agent to work perfectly and a synergic effect exists between these two professions. You can find many estate agents who deal exclusively with lettings. There are two main types of renting with which the letting agents deal but they primarily deal with the tenancies between landlords and private individuals.


An apartment is a residential place. It is a type of self-contained housing unit that occupies only a part of the building. An apartment is usually a single story for the convenience of the people who live inside the apartment. There are several other terms which are used for the apartments such as single-family homes, condominiums and many other, etc.

If there is a building that has multiple apartments in it, then this multi-story building is called an apartment building. In this case, three or more residence unit are contained within one structure. That’s why this type of building is called an apartment building, especially when it contains multiple apartments for rent.

If you want to know more about student lettings Birmingham, then you are reading the right article. Here, you will also know the different types of apartments which you can rent for yourself:

Different Types of Apartment

There are different types of the apartment which a student can rent and these are as follows:

  • Studio Apartments
  • Alcove Studio Apartment
  • Convertible (Flex) Apartment
  • Loft Apartment
  • Duplex/Triplex Apartment
  • Garden Apartment

Studio Apartments

It is usually a one room apartment that comes with a kitchen and a full-size bathroom. There are certain variations in studios apartments such as alcove studio and convertible studio.

Alcove Studio Apartment

The features of this apartment are the same as that of a studio apartment with only one change that it has and an L-shape partition in its living room so that it has more space for living.

Convertible (Flex) Apartment

This type of apartment is convertible such that it has enough space for the conversions and for the addition of a bedroom. Suppose if an apartment has a large bedroom then through a conversion a big bedroom can be converted into two small bedrooms.

Loft Apartment

Through loft conversions, an apartment can be renovated and this type of apartment has usually one large room with high ceilings.

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