What are the 9 GEMS scholarships?

The 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship is a scholarship programme by the highly reputed Global Indian International School (GIIS), a globally recognized school with around 21 branches in 7 countries. This is an internationally recognized scholarship for students who have excelled in different fields. 

9 GEMS Scholarship for Students Who Excel in Different Fields

9 GEMS is designed for all those students who have received recognition in sports, different co-curricular activities like dance or music, community service, leadership skills, entrepreneurship, and innovation. For sports scholarship, the student must be an individual player or a part of an international, national, or state team, CBSE Cluster or SGFI (School Games Federation of India). 

Students who want to get this scholarship for excelling in performing arts must be recognized by any of the following performing art centres or universities – Trinity College London, Gandharva Mahavidyalaya, Torrins Academy Certification for dance, music or musical instruments. Those who have applied for drawing excellence should have given the State Government’s elementary or intermediate certification exam.  

9 GEMS Scholarship Categories

The 9 GEMS Scholarships programme is valid for one year. Any student studying from class 6 to class 12 can apply for it. The students are categorized into three different groups, depending on their achievement: Category A, B, and C.

  • Category A students get a scholarship of 20% discount from their tuition fees. To get this scholarship, the students must be internationally recognized in an event in any of the 9GEMS skills. 
  • Category B students are awarded a scholarship of a 15% discount from their tuition fees. Those willing to get this scholarship must be nationally recognized in an event in any of the mentioned 9GEMS skills.
  • Category C students need to have a regional or state recognition in an event listed in the 9GEMS skills. They get a fee waiver of 10% from their tuition fees. 

9GEMS Terms and Conditions

Here are some terms and conditions associated with 9GEMS scholarship: 

  • Students who apply for the scholarship have to produce their past year’s report card and the other necessary documents in the mentioned format. After that, the selected students might have to appear for a one-to-one interview, and then the final list of selected students is released. 
  • The scholarship is valid only for the citizens of the country. 
  • Students need to study for the entire term and cannot leave the scholarship in between. 
  • The scholarship discount is applicable only for the tuition fees. The other fees remain the same. 

The 9 GEMS scholarships programme is ‘one of its kinds’, which focuses more on the students’ calibre in co-curricular activities, unlike the other scholarships based on academic performance. It lays more emphasis on the students’ interests in diverse fields. Even if they are not necessarily a part of GIIS, any student can apply and start their journey at this world-renowned school. This scholarship focuses more on developing other skills of the child, which is why it holds a special position in all countries. 9 GEMS is a scholarship programme that can make students shine. They will get to discover a lot of new things. At GIIS, they will get the desired environment for improving themselves.

The 9 GEMS Holistic Development Scholarship is for all the GIIS schools in the world. You can access all the updates regarding the scholarship like filling of forms, the last date for submitting forms, result dates, and more on the school website. The remaining details will be emailed to the students. Do not forget to check the website frequently to stay updated.

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