Things to Keep In Mind to Have a Visually Appealing Classroom


If you are a teacher, you are probably in a constant quest on how to help improve the study habits of your students. You want them to be active during the discussion of lessons so that they can answer confidently when they are taking the exam. Aside from effective teaching strategies, did you know that classroom design has a substantial impact on the productivity and efficiency of students? A great learning space encourages collaboration and knowledge retention. 

Does the place where you teach have the traditional design layout where desks are lined up in rows, the teacher’s desk is at the center, and a chalkboard with notes is in front of the chairs? If so, now is the time to do some classroom remodeling because traditional design no longer addresses the demands of 21st-century students. 


You might be clueless about how you would start the remodeling process. Perhaps, you are thinking of removing the chalkboard or bringing in more things like decor fabrics and furniture items. In this article, we will help you upgrade the design of the place to give students a more comfortable space to learn!

  • Create a classroom library

Things to Keep In Mind to Have a Visually Appealing Classroom

A classroom library is an area where all of the books are organized based either on genre, author, topic, place, or series so that students can easily access them. You may also want to label each bin and a mark on each book to ensure students will bring them back in their right position. You might be thinking that it is an expensive remodeling idea even if it is not. It can be as simple as purchasing an open shelf and placing it in a certain space. You may want to purchase upholstery fabrics online to cover the shelf so that books will not be covered with dust and their quality will be the same in the years to come.

  • Create a quiet space

Students often hate noisy and crowded environments when they are studying. Think about transforming one of the available spaces into something where they can be alone with their books and thoughts. To do so, you can purchase acoustic screens, dividers, or upholstery fabrics online and place them in the room to transform them into a quiet place in an instant.

  • Allow more natural light to enter the space

According to a research study, natural light has a great impact on the learning process of students as well as on their well-being and comfortability. Knowing this, you must allow more natural light to enter the space to give students a better learning experience. You may still purchase upholstery fabrics online so that students have the option to close them whenever space is receiving too much sunlight. There are a lot of upholstery fabrics online so make sure that the pattern and color palette matches with the overall design of the classroom to prevent it from looking out of place. The materials of the upholstery fabrics online range from cotton and wool to polyester and line. 

  • Give students more sitting options

Things to Keep In Mind to Have a Visually Appealing Classroom

A typical classroom would only have a row of chairs where students can sit. However, having one sitting position is tiring and can result in various health problems like scoliosis. To save them from experiencing these adverse effects, you must give them more sitting options. It will also empower them since you are giving them the power to create decisions of their own. You may purchase upholstery fabrics online and turn them into a giant blanket where students can sit comfortably. 

  • Use bright colors and catchy visuals

Researchers emphasized the need for bright colors and catchy visuals especially if the classroom does not have enough natural light sources. When purchasing upholstery fabrics online, choose more visually appealing items that you can use to create an accent wall. For sure, you can find upholstery fabrics online with colorful and bright visuals at an affordable price. Aside from this, you may also incorporate artworks and posters relevant to the subject you are teaching.

In Conclusion 

Remodeling a classroom does not have to cost a huge amount of money. Listed above are just some of the affordable design ideas to help transform a traditional classroom into a more conducive space for learning. When done right, you will find out that students will become more energetic and participative during discussion! 

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