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Top Unique Furniture Style & How To Mix & Match Them

The question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life,” said spatial organization consultant Mary Kondo in the show Tidying Up With Mary Kondo.

Put simply, the furniture that you have reflects your attitude towards life, your tastes, and preferences. Besides providing utility, comfort, and aesthetic value, furniture becomes a part of your identity too. If you also believe that furniture is an essential part of living a dream life, check these modern furniture styles which will go big in 2021.

1. Vintage Industrial Design

The vibes of bucolic bliss in everyday urban life–the reason why industrial-style vintage tops the list when it comes to buying vintage furniture online in India. It stands out for its earthiness and utilitarianism. The modern-day reinvention of industrial furniture, industrial vintage furniture is a blend of unfinished appearance and designer finishing. Some of its main features include flexibility, unique textures, simplicity, and eco-friendliness. It is easy to pull off with different types of lighting and makes for a bold and well-thought statement. Though it is updated to suit contemporary sensibilities and design needs, it does not need additional cosmetic tricks because of its focus on natural and bare materials and finishes. Iron, wood, reclaimed wood, canvas, leather, aluminum, steel, stone, tin, and copper are some of the most common materials used in making industrial vintage furniture. In terms of color, rustic color schemes consisting of brown and beige are usually paired with gray, black, blue, brick-red, etc. Overall, this type of furniture gives an unfinished yet upscale look that is and low-maintenance and leaves a lot of open space.

Mid-Century Modern Industrial Design

Also known as atomic industrial design, this style offers a mix of mid-century modern and industrial design. This type of furniture design incorporates a lot of mix and match. For example, a furniture piece may have mid-century modern material and shape but the finish is rendered in industrial-style design. If the industrial vintage is too rugged for your taste, atomic industrial furniture design is a viable option if you wish to buy wooden furniture online in India. The eclectic combo of two different styles balances the edginess of industrial vintage style with a dash of vibrant colors and chic patterns.

Casual Luxe Design

If you love all things luxurious but without compromising on comfort and security, then casual luxe furniture design is for you. With an emphasis on the finest of details, casual luxe design is made using the most opulent materials and have rich designs. Imagine resting on a sofa with a soft and sumptuous feel of satinwood and silk upholstery caressing your skin; yes! that’s the kind of ritzy feel it offers. Often, the ‘luxe’ in casual luxe makes people think that it suits only large spaces. However, that’s not the case; luxe living does not overlook posh small urban homes. You can not only decorate your bijou residence but also be able to maximize every square foot using casual luxe furniture. Sometimes, the buyer also chooses the designer materials, finishes, artwork to get the furniture of his choice made on order; but otherwise, the luxury furniture designers offer finished products made using hand-selected raw materials that go well with the urban taste. Whether it the bedroom or the drawing room, the amalgamation of comfort, security, and beauty creates a luxe design aesthetic that sets the impressive ambiance.

Traditional Design

In case you like things the way they have been, then choose the traditional design of furniture. Symmetry and dark rich colors are the two primary features of this type of furniture design. To create a balanced space around a particular focal point, furniture is available in pairs, e.g. 5-seater sofa set with a center table, instead of a single coffee/center table. There are no surprises and pop-outs here, just consistency and elegance. To sum it up, traditional furniture incorporates elements such as no compromises on comfort, classic designs, and casual décor. Large spaces are preferable if you decide to go the traditional way.

Contemporary Design

Meant for the ‘Right Here Right Now’ kind of people, contemporary furniture design is fluid, which means it is less ornamental and more flexible to the needs of the present times. Wood, glass, plastic, or a blend of these materials is used to create these simple yet modish furniture pieces. However, contemporary is not to be confused with modern furniture designs. Some basic differentiators here are clean lines, black, white, or neutral color tones; beautiful yet elegant shapes, and a focus on comfort—all of these features define contemporary style furniture. Moreover, unlike other types of furniture designs that have static features, contemporary furniture designs are always evolving according to the current trends.

What’s your favorite furniture design and why?

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