Top Lucrative PMP Certification Jobs

If you are a Project Manager, and you have achieved the Project Management Professional certification, then this denotes your passion for your profession. The Project Management Professional certification is not just a certification, but a badge of honor for any Project Manager. With the PMP certification, you can get hired in any industry and in any organization without any problem. 

The Project Management Professional Certification is a globally recognized certification in the field of Project Management. It not only boosts your chances of getting hired as a Project Manager in any organization, but it also reflects your skills and abilities to handle any type of project in any type of project environment. It shows your versatility towards your profession, while it also verifies your abilities and experiences as a Project Manager. It encourages you to learn about your profession continuously. And it also enriches you with the trending skills and knowledge about your profession.

After learning and understanding the qualities of the Project Management Professional certification, it is clear that with the certification, you can expect lucrative jobs in every industry. In fact, you can get a high position as a Project Manager in industries ranging from healthcare to automobile. There is no such organization or industry that can deny your competencies and abilities. In fact, most of the organizations that need a Project Manager make it clear in their job description that their Project Manager should have achieved the Project Management Professional certification. In this article, we will talk about the top-notch jobs that you can get by achieving the Project Management Professional certification.

Lucrative Project Management Professional certification jobs

Aerospace Project Management Professional

As we discussed in the above context that with the Project Management Professional certification, you could expect a job in every type of industry. While you can also get better Project Management position is also included in that list.

As an Aerospace Project Manager, your job will be to ensure and guarantee the customers that. Every aircraft is crafted perfectly and is delivered within the given deadline and within the budget. As an Aerospace Project Manager, you will have to look after all the proposals, you will have to lead each and every stage of the project process, and you will have to direct all the project team members in the right direction to minimalize the workload and increase the productivity. 

In general, you, as an Aerospace Project Manager, will have to work hand in hand with engineers and designers. You will have to make sure that each and every procedure of your project is going in the planned direction, and you will have to face all types of risks and to change requirements that may arise while working on the project. In the US, you can earn about $129,732 as an Aerospace Project Manager per annum.

Pharmaceutical Project Management Professional

Currently, the Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most booming industries in the world. Further, every industry wants a Project Manager to look after their projects. You, as a Project Manager, can also enter into the world of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. There are many types of projects you will have to handle as a pharmaceutical project management professional. The main motive should be aligning the project goals with the business goals precisely. It is estimated that the Pharmaceutical industry is going to reach $1.1 trillion in the sale by 2022. And, if you are wondering about the salary, then as a Pharmaceutical Project Management Professional, you can earn about $133,246 per annum.

Project Management Consultant

If you are wondering, what does a project management consultant do? Then you will be astonished to found that the project management consultant is those professionals who have specialized in project management skills and have abroad will range of knowledge in the field of Project Management. These professionals are required, and every type of industry, and their major role is to assist and suggest project management plans to their organizations. They are also involved in managing budgets, managing resources, and maintaining relationships with the stakeholders successively. On average, a Project Management Consultant earns about $115,000 per annum.

Resource Project Management Professional

So, resource Project Management Professional is a professional who is involved in the management of resources for industries like the mining industry, petroleum industries, and even the agriculture industry. Basically, these professionals are part of those industries that are engaged in extracting and growing natural resources. A Resource Project Management Professional earns about $134,577 annually.


So, these are some of the top-notch jobs one can get by achieving the Project Management certification. Indeed, all of these jobs are the highest paying jobs in the world. And getting one of these jobs can settle a person for their whole life.

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