Kratom is known to cause an intense feeling of happiness, alertness, and can help to boost physical energy. Kratom extracts are most widely used in medical concerns. Although you can find a number of Kratom extracts online but some of them are most popular such as the Red MD Jong Kong Lubbock, Yellow Vietnam Kratom, and more.

This topic will help you to find out the best Kratom extract for the best feel and energy. Stick to the article to know more.

What Is Kratom Extract?

Kratom is a tropical evergreen tree generally grown in South Asian countries. The extracts from the leaves are used as a stimulant and a sedative for medical purposes. In terms of comparison, Kratom extract is much more powerful than Kratom powders. There is a variety of Kratom Extracts products available online. It may seem like a challenge for some people to find the best Kratom extract for their needs. If you are one of those, then this topic will help you a lot.

Some Popular Kratom Extracts

Red MD Jong Kong Kratom:

The top competitor on our list is Red MD Jong Kong Kratom. It is often found in the Kapuas River valley. it is known as one of the classical extracts of the kratom family. Red JongKong belongs to the OG strain which means it is grown from old Kratom trees. These trees produce huge leaves that are abundant in alkaloids. They have a nice texture and a pleasing smell. That is why Red JongKong is a special extract of the kratom family.

White Super Kratom:

As you see, the name contains ‘Super’. This is mainly because only the largest of leaves is used to make White Super Kratom and White Super Garland. The more the size of the leaves, the more is the alkaloid content. Thus, the White Super Kratom tends to be so these strains do have much stronger alkaloid contents than the normal ones. The extract is a White Vein class from a region in Indonesia.

Green Borneo Kratom:

Green Borneo Kratom is grown from old Kratom trees and is generally found in the Borneo region of Indonesia. Green Borneo Kratom is a perfect blend of White and Red MD Jong Kong Lubbock. It is known to have mild to moderate effects because of the high alkaloid contents found in it. The special thing is Green Borneo is good for long term effects. It is a perfect extract for people who use Kratom occasionally.

Green Maeng Da Kratom:

Green Maeng Da Kratom strain is also a native to Thailand. Although Green Maeng Da contains mild contents yet it is regarded as a powerful sedative. It is popular for its energizing effects. It is advised that you must take in very small amounts as it is a very powerful sedative. It contains the right quantity of stimulating agents and thus, it is a nice extract for new users.

Gold Maeng Da Jong Kong:

Gold Maeng Da Jong Kong often grows on the banks of the Lush river of the JongKong region of Borneo island. The appearance of the Kong Jong Kratom tree is unique and different. It has budded horns on its stem and leaves. Gold Maeng Da JongKong has a harmless aroma and has energizing impacts.


So far, we came across various Kratom extracts that have powerful effects and are popular in medical concerns. You can easily choose the best ones like the Red MD Jong Kong Lubbock along with the White Super Garland as per your need. However, you should only take the extracts as prescribed by a medical expert as these could be harmful if taken in inadequate quantities.

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