Top 7 benefits of Shopify for ecommerce development

If you have an e-commerce business then you would have definitely understood that choosing the correct platform or technology could make or break your business. There are numerous e-commerce platforms available in the marketplace. Some of them are Cloud-based, some of them are Self-hosted systems. Among all of them, Shopify has produced a different e-commerce environment. Shopify Development Solutions is the most popular hosted technology for e-commerce. According to the modern practice statistics that “Shopify is used by 1.5% of all the websites whose content management system (CMS) we know. This is 0.7% of all websites.” 

There are literally thousands of Shopify vendors who are making a lot of money on Shopify. But the question is –

Are Shopify stores cost-effective for beginners? And can you still do it in 2021?

The Answer is – Yes, Shopify is profitable and is a great approach to start making money online as a beginner as well as experience. 

Various benefits are showing why Shopify is one of the most popular and successful e-commerce platforms.

Let’s explore some of the fascinating benefits of Shopify ecommerce Development:

1. Quick to use & easy to set up 

Shopify offers an easy method to rapidly launch an online store without the hassle over servers and development costs that can be sustained with self-hosted platforms such as Magento. Even though hiring Shopify developers render comprehensive e-commerce design and develop    ment services for corporate and individual customers. The admin interface is simple and pretty intuitive and user-friendly as all the features are logically organized. You can also find wide-ranging video guides and documentation on the Shopify site. All you actually need is a product to sell.

2.     Complete hosted ecommerce solution

As a Complete hosted solution, Shopify offers all website hosting prerequisites as well as updating and maintaining the website which is up and running even when unpredicted volumes of traffic visit your website. In other words, Shopify permits sellers to focus less on the technology, so they can dedicate more care to successfully running their store.

3.     Secure Shopping

Security is a fundament of Online Shopping. The SSL feature is important when it comes to encoding sensitive information of the payment gateway as well as customer personal details transferring through the store’s website. The platform also follows the Payment Card Industry Data (PCI) Security Principles. Shopify takes care of all problems, and all you need to do is focus on selling your online products.

4.     Mobile Responsiveness

Nowadays most users access e-commerce websites on their mobile devices. A mobile-friendly site improves customer experience and will ultimately grow your sales. Shopify helps e-commerce Shopify Developers to boost e-commerce websites for mobile devices using responsive themes. The business owners can even use the accepted payment, fulfil orders, Mobile Shopify App to communicate with clients and manage web stores directly from their iOS or Android devices.

5. Built-in SEO

There are constant alterations when you move from one platform to another. Shopify’s URL structure will likely be changed to your previous store. You additionally approach advanced analytics to tell you where your clients are originating from so you can modify your marketing strategy accordingly.

6.     Robust Customer Support

When there’s a problem with your service, especially if it includes a customer complaining, you want to be able to solve it fast. This generally includes doing some troubleshooting to find out whether the mistake is on the user end or yours. Shopify has a team ready to support you 24/7 via email, live chat, or phone. This is particularly essential if you sell to people in different time regions since probes may come in at all sorts of hours.

7. Social media integration

E-commerce sales make its potential traffic from social media and digital media advertisements, Shopify CRM contains social media integration to enhance the seller’s e-commerce sales and raise the traffic of potential customers. Social media promotions and sharing is increasing quickly for online selling, and brand building suppliers can use it in their help through Shopify CRM.

Wrapping up

Shopify is the best solution, When starting an online shop. If you are not gaining any profit from your online store, you have the authority to cancel the subscription and close your shop. This flexibility lets you try out different prototypes and ideas.Shopify benefited your business with the top benefits of Shopify, then developed a Shopify e-store with a Bytes Technolab Inc.Shopify e-commerce Development company in the USA.

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