Things You Need to Know Before Hiring A Process Server

Do you find yourself irritated when you have to deal with legal documents? Is serving them a chore to you? Don’t worry you have got a lot of company. To make things more tolerable for you, there are process serving agencies that can take care of stuff for you.

 If this is your first time dealing with a court case and you don’t know where or how to send all those legal documents, get yourself hooked with a reliable process serving agency and you are all good to go. 

There is no denying the fact that finding a process serving agency is an easy task, especially when you or anyone near you has never done it. This is a brief guide about all the important things you need to know about process serving and its complexities in California.

 Don’t worry I am not going to bombard you with tough and boring technical stuff. I have tried to make things simple and easy to understand. I know it matters a lot for those who are already struggling with accepting the fact that they are dealing with a court case. I get it, it’s overwhelming.

Let us start with the basics.

What Is Process Serving?

Process service is a legal procedure in the United States which declares that all parties involved in a court case must get notified when facing legal action. So when you sue a person, corporation, partner, or even the government, you must give formal notices. In “service” a third person, not you, is required to deliver those papers to other the parties involved. Some agencies handle serving for you and that is what professional process serving is about.

Who Is the Legal Process Server In California?

Technically speaking, any person above the age of 18, not involved in the case can serve the documents for you. But when you are searching for professionals you must know who is the legal process service in California. The laws and regulations vary from state to state. Laws regarding process serving are subject to change but for now, process server registered and bonded in California, not licensed.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

It is smart to know what you expect to spend before getting hiring a professional process serving agency in West Sacramento, CA. Make sure that you know the whereabouts of the agency and they are allowed to handle all the work for you. 

Once you are sure of that, discuss their service costs. Shop around and request estimates from different agencies to find an affordable service. The cost of the routine services can be as low as $20 but it can go up to $100. On average, people pay between $45 to $75. The costs depend on your case and the state laws.

Verify The Credentials Of The Server

Verifying the credential of the server is an important step you must not ignore. In California, if an individual serves more than 10 papers a year, they must get themselves registered in the county in which they reside or have their principal place of business. All the applicants must be residents of the State of California for one year immediately preceding filing. 

Check The Past Customer Satisfaction

You should check if the previous customers were satisfied with the services. When you need a professional for quality service, ask around and see if they have been successful in their previous ventures. Take your time to search for information about them. If possible, talk to the people who have been in business with the agency.

Hiring A Process Server Is Essential For Your Safety

If you have been questioning yourself whether it is important to hire a professional server or not, it is. Depending on the type of legal documents you are going to serve or the other parties involved, serving can be pretty dangerous. A professional is capable of handling all kinds of situations for you.

The Regular Assistance Can Take Things Off Your Plate

Regular professional assistance can take a lot of stress off your plate. Let them handle it for you while you deal with other important aspects of your case.

Can I Serve Papers For My Case?

The simple and straight answer is “No”. You cannot serve papers for a case you are involved in.

Hiring A Professional Is Not The Only Way To Serve Your Legal Documents!

Hiring a process server is not the only way. You can also get it done by someone who must

  • Be 18 years old or older;
  • Not be a party to the case;
  • Serve the paperwork on the other side in the time required;
  • Fill out a proof of service form that tells the court whom they served, when, where, and how; and
  • Return the proof of service to you so you can file it with the court.

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