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Things to keep in mind when lawn mowing

Lawn mowing is not as easy as it sounds, just like there’s more to a haircut than hair and scissors, there is more to mowing the lawn than grass and lawnmower. The type of mow that you will require will depend on the size of the loan, and how long or short to cut the grass will depend on the kind of grass that you are growing.

Knowing the proper way to mow your lawn grass can help you decide if it is a job worth tackling on your own or if you need to hire a team of professional landscaping and commercial lawn mowing service to get the job done for you.

  • The proper way to mow the grass

Many people tend to ignore that there is a right and wrong way to mow the lawn. The wrong way to mowing includes cutting off too much grass at once, and mowing at the wrong time of day or trying to mow the lawn right after a rainstorm. You should learn about the right way to mow the lawn to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

  • Get the height right

Make sure not to trim the grass too short or too close to the soil for a variety of reasons. If you cut the grass too short, you risk damaging the Crown. The Crown is the area that produces new shoots of grass. Also, if you cut your lawn too short, weeds will get a chance to move in and take over. When the grass is short, the chances of weed seeds of germinating grow. The right height for your loan depends on the type of grass that you are growing. Some grasses can be cut shorter than others. If your lawn is shaded or if your area is experiencing a drought, it is always better to cut the grass higher than you would otherwise need.

  • Get the timing right

Do not mow the lawn in the middle of a hot, sunny, summer’s day. The best time of the day to mowing is after the afternoon or early evening when the weather has cooled down bit and the sun is not so intense. Many people think that the early morning before the day would be a good time to mow, however, the grass is often wet with dew early in the morning, which can cause another set of problems. Also, when it comes to timing, it is always better to mow your lawn when it needs to be mowed rather than mow it based on your schedule.

  • Never mow wet grass.

It is always recommended to wait for the lawn to dry after it rains before you mow it. It might become difficult to get a good cut when the blades of grass are wet. Also, it can take much longer than to mow a wet lawn than a dry one. Mowing a wet lawn is not just inconvenient, it can also become dangerous. Wet grass can be slippery so it can be scary to use a push mow after it rains.

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